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  • TDA Group Content Happy Hour: What does it all mean Content Happy Hour: What does it all mean? - Is your work attracting prospects—and getting those prospects closer to purchase? This week, our content marketing news digest looks at developments that may help B2B marketers answer these questions. Read on to discover how well particular content types attract high-quality leads, and peek at new digital designs meant to entice more prospects. Plus, see which […]
  • TDA Group Content Happy Hour: The latest on driving engagement The latest on driving engagement - Consider this TDA maxim as you settle down with your Friday beverage of choice: Don’t just attract—make sure you interact. To demonstrate, we’ve scoured the Web to find recent stories about driving engagement so you can accelerate the sales cycle (you know, the stuff content marketing is supposed to do). Read on for news items […]
  • TDA Content Happy Hour-More ways to work smarter More ways to work smarter - Sure, we’ve all heard the old adage about working smarter rather than harder. Nice idea, but how do you actually do it? This week’s digest has a few suggestions. Get tips on increasing the value of your content marketing efforts, tactics for customer retention, and a look at 29 essential content marketing metrics. You’ll also […]
  • TDA Group Content Happy Hour: Fueling more productivity Fueling more productivity - This week’s news digest is full of insights to help you fuel both body and mind for peak productivity. Read on for an infographic that guides you to the right food choices for optimum performance. You’ll also get some tasty nuggets about content marketing metrics, the value of content anticipation, and the impact of Twitter’s […]

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