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  • TDA Group Content Happy Hour: Getting creative and credible Content Happy Hour: Being creative and credible - Oh, you wacky B2B content marketer. You’re on a quest to mix the right blend of originality that compels with believability that sells. Find recipes for concocting the heady combo in this week’s edition of our content marketing news digest. You’ll discover some of the ingredients that go into content integrity, a formula for avoiding […]
  • TDA Group Content Happy Hour: What’s the story? And how are you telling it? What’s the story? And how are you telling it? - Your task? Ensure compelling content. That’s why this week’s digest looks at the latest news about sharpening storytelling skills. You’ll learn how to develop content through a five-part framework and get media company secrets that boost content marketing success. Plus, see how to turn your sales folks into decent storytellers, uncover 26 ways to jump-start […]
  • TDA Group Content Happy Hour: 4 tips for focusing on impact 4 tips for focusing on impact - Is your content reaching the right audiences to have a significant impact on sales? This week’s digest explores four recent news stories about reviewing and improving your content strategy. Find out why your competitors are probably using content audits to size up your business. See why content is the common driver for paid, unpaid, and […]
  • TDA Group Content Happy Hour: Mapping messaging magnetism Mapping messaging magnetism - Attracting customers in environments crowded with content can be tricky, but as this week’s news digest reveals, the world is full of opportunities for drawing in prospects—and having them stick around. Get strategies to better track content ROI, insights into chief marketers’ top struggles, descriptions of how content bolsters branding, and find benefits from negative […]

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