Premier B2B content marketing for high tech. TDA Group plans, creates, and manages content marketing programs that help maximize the return on marketing investments—and accelerate sales.


We know what works, and we can deliver. TDA Group offers an integrated approach to content marketing that combines effective strategy and execution. In business for nearly 30 years, TDA Group has unparalleled experience in providing high-tech companies with marketing services that deliver results while making the most of marketing investments.

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Planning and Messaging

Align content with business objectives and focus attention on competitive differentiators. TDA strategy and messaging engagements lead to content that is consistent and compelling.

Content Audits

Ensure content marketing assets support business goals. Our systematic content audits help you identify what works and discover ways to streamline future content production and distribution.

Editorial Planning

Anticipate opportunity. TDA editorial planning matches content with product launches, industry events, and sales milestones. This ensures crisp execution—and helps eliminate rush charges.

Reference Programs

Get more mileage from satisfied customers. We produce hundreds of case studies and similar assets every year, including presentations, videos, blog posts, podcasts, infographics, and more.



Drive continuous engagement, sustain loyalty, spark interest, convert prospects.

TDA content streams deliver the right content at the right time to the right audience—through the right channels. The result? B2B content that reaches key influencers in purchasing environments.


Expand audience awareness at the top of the content funnel.

TDA B2B social media programs power diverse forms of outreach across channels for maximum ROI. Our approach facilitates interaction with target audiences to dramatically accelerate sales cycles.


Capture and hold the attention of customers, prospects, and partners.

TDA mobile marketing services create and maintain timely, addictive, and viral content assets best suited for mobile and tablet devices—from strategy and design to ongoing text, image, and video updates.


Create connections with B2B leads through the emotional impact of video.

TDA video services deliver immediate messages that hit home—from preproduction through delivery. Our offerings include scriptwriting, videography, animation, post-production, and talent acquisition.


Accelerate B2B sales cycles with content that addresses prospect pain points.

TDA transforms tech concepts into captivating content. Our approach creates collateral with product and service descriptions that are persuasive, accurate, and filled with business benefits.


Create lasting impressions that resonate with target audiences.

TDA’s award-winning design services create vibrant differentiation for leading technology enterprises. Offerings include corporate identity, infographics, smart papers, and mobile-optimized web sites.