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  • TDA Group Content Happy Hour: Making appearances matter Content Happy Hour: Making appearances matter - Get ready to gussy up what you do and make the right impression, thanks to tips in this week’s content marketing digest. You’ll read why dressing up for that big presentation helps audiences appreciate your content more, and why professionalism is critical for mastering the customer interview. Plus, discover how to invigorate case studies, ways […]
  • TDA Group: 7 tips for mastering the art of the customer SME interview 7 tips for mastering the art of the customer SME interview - Conducting an effective customer interview is an art—one that’s vital to producing a compelling success story. The interview offers opportunities to not only collect information but also generate project momentum and capture a story in the customer’s own words. Those words should be at the heart of your content: letting satisfied customers tell their own […]
  • DA Group Content Happy Hour: Tips for growing influence Tips for growing influence - Before you sign off for the long weekend, take a peek at news that examines widening your influence in the weeks ahead. Our news digest may help you do a better job of attracting B2B buyers. Understand the importance of Google expanding search functionality to cover tweets, and then read about ways to cross-promote your […]
  • TDA Group Content Happy Hour: Sidestepping slippery situations Sidestepping slippery situations - When you’ve got all the right moves, you can handle tricky situations with aplomb. This week’s digest looks at ways for marketers to negotiate difficult situations with grace. See 11 content mishaps to avoid, and learn how a simple step can prevent awkward tweets. You’ll also find out how to tell important people that they […]

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