You’ve been working hard to create the next big thing—and your company is poised to go big. But to reach these lofty goals, you need engaging content to help generate new leads fast. That’s why it’s imperative you resist the temptation to succumb to the following four growth marketing enticements, which almost always result in headaches and heartaches.

Produce lots of individual, disconnected assets
How about creating a website for the business, a white paper focused on one particular product, and an infographic with some cool stats you found online—that will work, right?

Well, instead of spending your valuable time and money generating a collection of one-off assets, you need a plan to create integrated assets that work together, across multiple communication channels, to maximize the impact of your message. Social media should be a key part of that strategy; you must capitalize on the power of social networks to find new prospects, get referrals, and expand your influence.

Bypass planning
Your business is moving too quickly for so-called content strategy and planning. You can just figure this stuff out as you go, right?

Again, you need to identify your audience, pinpoint the best approach for engaging them, and develop a calendar for content delivery. If you bypass planning, you will waste huge amounts of time and money through endless content revisions and updates. Plan ahead and you have a much better chance of getting it right the first time.

Improvise messaging
Messaging is something that just kind of sprouts up organically as you’re knocking out assets, right?

See the first two items above. You have to develop a strong story that articulates your unique value proposition, highlights your competitive differentiators, and presents proof points to support your claims. Defining your messaging first—before you start constructing individual assets—will help streamline content creation and enhance consistency from one asset to the next.

Skip the brand guidelines
You want to start producing content now, so you can just give a few freelancers some general direction and let them get started, right?

Please don’t do this. Before you kick off new content marketing projects, you need to establish clear brand guidelines for your content creators and business partners. Brand guidelines can help make sure you are reinforcing your newly developed brand in everything you produce.

Take the growth marketing path that reflects your brilliance
There’s no doubt that you’re eager to find new prospects, and you understand that creating compelling content is vital for doing so. But without clear brand guidelines, messaging, planning, and a strategy for integrated, connected assets, you are likely to create inefficiencies that will slow your progress. Make sure your next big thing—and the marketing that sells it—aren’t just slapped together.

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