If you’re like most executives, you have long, hectic days. You might spend more than two hours each day in meetings, and about the same amount of time emailing or texting. You probably have less than half an hour for planning and strategy, and under two hours every day for your own projects.

So, when do you have time to create content?

Your customers, investors, partners, and employees all want to hear from you. They want to understand your vision for the industry and learn your plans for the company’s future. They want to find out why your latest product is truly revolutionary.

But the truth is, you don’t have time to write blog posts, compose quotes for press releases, or even produce the speeches and presentations that you need to deliver personally. You have plenty of ideas, but presenting those ideas in a polished, high-quality asset takes hours that you simply cannot spare.

It might be time to consider handing off content creation to outside experts. Delegating content creation to content professionals offers an efficient and effective way to communicate with your audience.

Here are five good reasons to use outside resources:

1. Reduce your time commitment. You might not have the hours required for turning a blank page into an engaging article. But can you spare 30 minutes for an interview? Outsourcing dramatically reduces your time commitment for content creation. Granting an interview, directing your content creator to background material, and reviewing a draft take much less time than going it alone. And you often produce better results than if you had tried to carve out time in your hectic schedule.

2. Deepen the content. Using an outside content creation team can also help you deliver richer content that draws on a broader range of internal and external sources. The content team can interview and incorporate views from other subject-matter experts, find metrics that underscore your points, and incorporate existing company messaging to ensure consistency with other assets. You can produce work that conveys even stronger thought leadership and better reinforces your company’s brand.

3. Incorporate engaging visuals. Handing off content creation can also help add pizzazz to your assets. Unless you have design skills (and plenty of extra time for implementing your design vision), you would probably collaborate with a graphic designer anyway. But then you would have to manage that process. Creating even a modest, 15-slide presentation could require numerous cycles with that designer. Outsourcing to a content creation team that offers both writing and design services lets you capitalize on the talents of design professionals to produce captivating visuals while reducing the need to manage the process.

4. Meet tight deadlines. Finding the time to create content is difficult enough. Producing high-quality work under tight deadlines might be impossible if you’re trying to do it by yourself. An outside team can keep working on a project while you move on to other tasks. You stand a much better chance of delivering what you need, on time, if you have a full team to support you.

5. Maintain your “voice.” Some executives are reluctant to outsource content creation because they’re concerned that the resulting asset won’t reflect their distinctive voice. However, content professionals pride themselves on their ability to adopt the style of an organization and the voice of the individuals for whom they are ghostwriting. Conducting an interview and reviewing previous pieces you’ve created helps ensure that the content team captures the right tone. Just as important, you have the final say on what is published. Fine-tuning a phrase or two is much faster and easier than composing something from scratch.

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