The dog days of summer are upon us. And you deserve a little relaxation. But while September is just around the corner, you can still take time off this month—and come back to work refreshed and ready to publish six kinds of content you can commission now.

You know expectations will be sky-high from the moment you unpack the car and wash the sand off your flip-flops. You’ll have to be ready to support new product launches and upcoming events while meeting aggressive quotas for customer engagement and sales.

Don’t wait until Labor Day to start your next content marketing projects. Kick off new projects in August with TDA Group so you’ll have more to show for your summer than a sunburn when everyone gets back to work.

Here are a few deliverables that you can start—and finish—quickly with TDA:

1. Blogs: Keep your thought-leadership edge over the waning days of summer. We can help generate a steady stream of blog posts to ensure your customers keep coming back for relevant content. Build momentum for the exciting announcements and events you have scheduled for the fall.

2. Solution briefs: Planning a new product release? Start working on the solution brief now. We’ll help you highlight pressing customer challenges and key solution benefits, delivering a compelling asset that is ready before the launch date.

3. Data sheets: Dig into the details. Send us your specs, and let us assemble a data sheet that presents your impressive collection of features and capabilities. We can produce a sleek asset for a technical audience—all while you’re at the pool.

4. Infographics: Capture your customers’ attention with a design-rich asset. We’ll integrate industry metrics and essential messaging with compelling imagery, creating a visual story that will stand out on social media, on your website, and in overstuffed inboxes.

5. White papers: As long as your subject-matter experts are available this month, we can gather the information we need and begin crafting an in-depth paper that will be ready for your team’s review when they return from vacation.

6. Ebooks: Want something with strong visual appeal but a little more content than an infographic? An ebook might be the right fit. We can help you get started in August so you can finish before things get too hectic this fall.

Don’t put off these projects. Contact us to get a head start on your fall content so you can enjoy what’s left of the summer. Let’s talk.