What makes you an effective marketer? In this week’s TDA Content Happy Hour we look at ways to anticipate CEO questions about your effectiveness, how social media can boost e-mail marketing, and compelling arguments for working at home. You’ll find these stories — along with two different views of Facebook’s just-announced Graph Search function — in this edition of our weekly content marketing news roundup.

The 6 Marketing Metrics Your CEO Actually Cares About [Cheat Sheet]
By Mike Volpe at HubSpot
Mike Volpe, CMO at marketing automation software provider HubSpot, anticipates the questions your CEO might ask about marketing effectiveness. Volpe also explains how to calculate and understand these metrics, which you may find useful for your own planning purposes.

Marketers Gush, Speculate Over Facebook’s Graph Search
By Tim Peterson at AdWeek
Well, B2C ad folks are excited about the new sponsorship opportunity. As Peterson notes, the potential for targeted advertising to mobile users could be huge. Missing in the piece: how Graph Search might benefit B2B marketers facing longer sales cycles than their counterparts selling to consumers.

With Graph Search, Facebook is becoming a modern-day AOL
By Adrian Covert at CNNMoney
As Covert notes, Facebook is taking an isolated, “walled-garden” approach to content and trying to be an all-inclusive Internet experience that doesn’t connect to the rest of the online universe. This piece is worth a look for helping understand how much potential Graph Search may have for B2B marketers.

Almost half of marketers to boost budgets this year
By Kate Maddox at BtoB Online
Maddox’s piece reaffirms what we’ve seen in the news recently: competitive organizations are bumping up marketing budgets — and they’re concentrating on content marketing and digital outreach. This story looks at where those funds are going and may give you an idea of what your competitors plan to do in 2013.

How social media influences email behavior
By Gherard Jacobs at iMedia Connection
E-mail marketing just won’t go away. And as Jacobs notes, it may have gotten a new lease on life from social media, which often is most effective for increasing e-mail effectiveness. Who would have thought?

The Shocking Truth About Working From Home
By Robby Slaughter at Business Computing World
If you need to sell the idea of working at home more frequently, give this story a read. According to Slaughter, you’ll probably take care of more personal business — and still be more effective for your employer.