Content Happy Hour: Long-term marketing romance or heartbreak?

Today is the day after Valentine’s Day, and many of us are reflecting on those we love, those who broke our hearts, or both. A quick poll taken this morning shows that TDA staffers overwhelmingly did their best to make Valentine’s Day thoughtful and romantic.



Content Happy Hour: Super Bowl-inspired differentiation

If you believe many sports pundits, a single game plan adjustment could easily decide this Sunday’s Super Bowl contest between the very similar Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. Sound familiar? High-tech, B2B marketers often find themselves in situations where the


Content Happy Hour: Boosting your marketing grades

What makes you an effective marketer? In this week’s TDA Content Happy Hour we look at ways to anticipate CEO questions about your effectiveness, how social media can boost e-mail marketing, and compelling arguments for working at home. You’ll find these stories — along with


Content Happy Hour: Pouring more leads into the sales funnel

Quench your thirst for examples of effective lead-generation tactics with this week’s edition of the TDA Content Happy Hour. Our marketing news digest looks at best practices at the top of the funnel, which may help you concoct the right blend of social, mobile, and


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