Many organizations strive to maintain a single, consistent style and voice across content marketing projects. Achieving that goal can be challenging: marketing teams often must integrate a variety of ideas, create a unified message, and then convey that message without deviation.

But what if you need to create a forum where you can showcase a diverse array of individual voices—while still maintaining overall cohesion and unity? A customized content stream (also known as a microsite) might be the answer.

Creating Business Partner Voices

A team from IBM PartnerWorld—a global IBM program that works to generate new opportunities for IBM Business Partners—wanted to continuously deliver relevant ideas and information from numerous individual contributors. The objective was to provide a platform that could handle diversity while still supporting high-level IBM messages.

With help from TDA Group, the IBM team created Business Partner Voices (BPV)—an official IBM PartnerWorld blog site. Business Partner Voices operates as a content stream that supplies relevant, highly targeted content to a vast audience of IBM Business Partners. Its articles are meant to deepen Business Partner engagement by offering behind-the-scenes information and thought-leadership content. That content comes from IBM professionals dedicated to helping the global Business Partner ecosystem accomplish its sales, training, and business transformation goals.

TDA plays a key role in orchestrating the variety of contributor voices. The TDA team interviews industry experts, articulates key messages, reworks submissions, ensures adherence to IBM style, and maintains high editorial standards. In addition, the TDA team manages the editorial calendar to coordinate the timing of blogs tied to launches, webcasts, large events, and other business objectives.

Tightly integrated with IBM social channels, Business Partner Voices functions as a focal point for IBM Business Partners, who are able to gain insight into IBM strategy. At the same time, the site represents the individual personalities of IBM executives, whose actions affect the Business Partners’ ability to sell, market, and drive profitability in a way that best serves their clients.

Reaching audiences, earning accolades

Since beginning as an idea for a content stream in October 2012, Business Partner Voices has become an institution for IBM PartnerWorld. It continues to grow as a Business Partner destination and reach audiences through social media, RSS feeds, and promotional items tied to the site’s content. Designed to be a responsive, mobile-friendly site, Business Partner Voices offers a seamless experience no matter how users access it.

The awards earned by the site recognize its success in creating a compelling and effective stream of content. In 2014, the Business Partner Voices blog won a FOLIO: Eddie award for editorial excellence in the Business to Business—Standalone Digital Magazine Technology/Telecom category. And in 2015, TDA’s site redesign was recognized with a FOLIO: Ozzie honorable mention.

Need to harmonize your company’s individual contributors?

Whether you want a way to support one voice or many, a customized content stream might offer the right approach. Check out a few other content streams we’ve helped create, and drop us a line when you’re ready to plan yours.