Do you know how to use quizzes in your content marketing, structure a marketing team, or douse hair-on-fire syndrome? We’ve compiled news items that answer these questions (along with seven others) in this week’s digest. Test your content marketing news smarts with questions about the content marketing word of the year, typography optimization, how your competitors are faring with mobile marketing, lead-generation mistakes, and more. Any questions?

A Handy Guide to Using Quizzes in Your Content Marketing
By Josh Haynum at MarketingProfs
Question #1: How do you construct a compelling quiz?
Haynum, a co-founder of an interactive quiz platform, explains how to write and package quizzes that target audiences will access and complete—so you won’t be puzzled by using this form of interactive marketing to drive more traffic and leads.

How to Structure a Marketing Team of Any Size
By Mike Volpe at HubSpot
Question #2: How do you best staff a marketing team?
Volpe says he’s got the formula down pat for organizations of any size. Read his opinion piece to see why Volpe contends that content experts are a critical component of any effective team.

The Content Marketing Word Of The Year?
By Michael Brenner at B2B Marketing Insider
Question #3: If “vape” is the Oxford Dictionary’s 2014 word of the year, what’s the content marketing equivalent?
Take a look at the choices Brenner suggests, and then see why he says these terms do a poor job of describing what content marketing should be.

Facebook wants to be a tech news powerhouse
By Todd Wasserman at Mashable
Question #4: Which social media channel may become a primary destination for syndicated tech marketing content?
Wasserman reports on Facebook’s launch of FBTechwire this week, which has been designed to surface original news and analysis posted publicly on Facebook.

The State of Mobile Marketing Strategy
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
Question #5: How many senior B2B marketers now have some form of mobile strategy implemented or in development?
We’ll give you a hint: it’s the majority of these folks. To find out the exact number, read Nanji’s article.

Facebook Spins ‘Groups’ Into Separate App
By Reed Albergotti at The Wall Street Journal
Question #6: Speaking of mobile, where does Facebook see its audience going?
Albergotti examines why Facebook is launching a stand-alone app dedicated to the Groups feature to boost use of the function on mobile devices.

A Content Marketer’s Checklist: Editorial Calendar Essentials
By Jodi Harris at Content Marketing Institute
Question #7: How do you ensure a steady drumbeat of content that anticipates events, launches, and customer requirements?
With an editorial calendar, of course. This often overlooked tool can go a long way in dousing hair-on-fire syndrome, and Harris provides an overview of what you’ll need to create a solid editorial calendar.

Twitter now lets you search through every tweet ever tweeted
By Christina Warren at Mashable
Question #8: What embarrassment of riches did marketers discover this week?
Warren explains how Twitter dropped a big bag of goodies on us by announcing that every one of the billions of tweets ever posted is now searchable. Read her article for an explanation of the new search functionality, which will let you sort tweets from accounts, to accounts, by hashtag, and more.

Five Big Mistakes That B2B Marketers Make in Driving Leads
By Erik Matlick at MarketingProfs
Question #9: What do working in siloes and inattention to detail have in common?
They’re two of the five lead-generation mistakes Matlick claims trip up B2B marketers. Take a look at his story to see what you may be doing wrong—and how you can correct these errors.

10 Helpful Tips for Choosing and Using Fonts
By Melanie Perkins at HubSpot
Question #10: Does your design department make the best use of typography?
Perkins lists 10 ways to optimize fonts—and make packaging content more compelling.