Now that Black Friday is history, carols fill the shopping malls and Christmas lights are up. Read this week’s Content Happy Hour to learn how the right content can become a gift that keeps on giving. Discover how you can turn tactical content into strategic opportunities, see how data-driven personalization can impact ROI, get tips for improving social shares, and take a look at how Twitter’s photo filters are evolving to compete with Instagram.

Content Marketing Is A Strategic Solution To A Strategic Problem
By Michael Brenner at B2B Marketing Insider
According to marketing pundit Michael Brenner, as much as 70 percent of the content your marketing team creates goes completely unused, like those poorly thought-out gifts from distant relatives. Brenner asks nine content marketing questions that can help you shift from a tactical point of view to a strategic focus.

What Types of Data Are Marketers Using For Personalization – And What’s Their Impact on ROI?
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Data stands to have a big impact on ROI, but how do you know you’re focusing on the right data? This report from MarketingCharts offers insight into the types of data most often used to personalize the web experience, and tells how personalization can affect customer acquisition and retention.

How to Optimize Blog Images for Social Sharing: An Intro to Open Graph Tags
By Lindsay Kolowich at HubSpot
Sometimes the wrapping can make all the difference in how well a gift is received. Kolowich explains how to use the Open Graph Protocol to improve thumbnail previews of content on the major social media platforms.

Twitter’s photo filters just got more like Instagram’s
By Karissa Bell at Mashable
Think of it as an early gift for Twitter users: this update adds new photo editing features and image filter options similar to rival social network Instagram. If your content marketing organization uses Twitter to reach your audience, make sure you’re up to date by reviewing this Mashable article.