Is your content reaching the right audiences to have a significant impact on sales? This week’s digest explores four recent news stories about reviewing and improving your content strategy. Find out why your competitors are probably using content audits to size up your business. See why content is the common driver for paid, unpaid, and earned media—and get tips on using content strategy to boost SEO. Plus, find a primer on content and first impressions.

What Competitors Are Using to Track Your Every Move
By Emmanuel Trenche at Business 2 Community
Have you conducted a content audit of your website? Your competitors probably have. Trenche explores how new technologies have made it easier for the competition to regularly examine everything you create—including blog posts, videos, and landing pages. Read on to find out how they’re doing it (and how you can, too).

A solid content strategy is crucial in the converging media world
By Rebecca Lieb at The Guardian
There was once a time when paid, unpaid, and earned media were distinctly different. That time has passed, writes Lieb. Her article explains why the walls separating the three channels have disappeared and why having a well-thought-out content strategy is more critical than ever.

Use Social Media and Content Strategy for Better SEO
By Amy Cowan at Business 2 Community
With each search engine algorithm update, the realms of social media and SEO become increasingly intertwined. Cowan shows how this convergence means refining key elements of your social content—such as keywords, post length, and links—can boost search traffic and help retain website visitors for longer periods.

4 Ways To Make Sure Your Marketing Makes A Killer First Impression
By Steve Olenski at Forbes
How can you grab consumers’ attention immediately with your content? This story describes tactics that’ll help you make a great first impression—such as demographic research and design tweaks—and highlights key mistakes to avoid.