What was more significant to you this this week? Sean Penn flipping out when someone tried to take his picture prior to the DreamForce event–or the four tips we’ve found for becoming a customer acquisition star? Read this week’s edition of our content marketing news digest to decide. You’ll find advice for measuring revenue goals, increasing content consumption, and benchmarking conversion rates. And yes, we’ve included a link to the story about the errant photographer.

Accepting a Revenue Goal: A CMO to CEO Conversation
By Bonnie Crater at Full Circle CRM
Are you expected to source or influence revenue? Make sure you and your CEO understand the difference, Crater writes. Read her succinct article for tips on accurately defining marketing-driven revenue goals and ensuring that your quarterly objectives are achievable.

Boosting content utilization is like effective fishing
By Nicole Sommerfeld at TDA Group
Whether you’re sourcing or influencing revenue, you need interested customers to meet expectations. Read our colleague Sommerfeld’s blog post to apply age-old fishing wisdom that can boost content consumption while reducing cost and effort.

B2B Buyers Prefer Short Content; Rely Heavily on Google Searches
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
Before casting your net into a sea of prospects, take a look at Nanji’s article. You’ll read about recent research that suggests the ideal length of content to get the most bites, as well as reasons why prospects expect different kinds of content at each stage of the sales process.

Marketing 101: The Importance of Conversion
By Lauren Drell at Mashable
Much of this primer may cover customer conversion basics you already know. Drell’s article is still worth a look, if only for its chart illustrating benchmark conversion rates by industry.

Sean Penn to S.F. fan: ‘I’ll make ya eat tha phone.’
By Justin Berton at San Francisco Chronicle
As mentioned at the outset of this post, Sean Penn got a little hot under the collar when someone decided to take a few unauthorized snaps of the actor via mobile phone. But he did suggest a novel use for mobile devices that we hadn’t considered. Hey, maybe Penn’s outburst was simply an animated explanation of an inspired business idea. Think about it: If you developed an edible smartphone you might put Snapchat out of business. If Facebook calls, you got the idea from us.