Short of hitting prospects over the head, how do you make your organization more persuasive? You can start by reading this week’s edition of our marketing news digest, which looks at delivering the hooks that connect with target audiences. In a nice way, of course.

Read on for blog post conversion tips and a review of hard-hitting copywriting skills. Plus, find exercises to improve your social media reach and see how to use video marketing to go the distance with hard-to-engage millennials.

How to Structure Your Business Blog Posts to Maximize Conversions
By Alex Bashinsky at Content Marketing Institute
Many blog posts are created on a whim without much strategy, which is fine if your goal is to entertain or educate. But delivering knockout content that sways audiences requires a more structured approach, writes Bashinsky. Read his article for techniques that may help you drive more conversions.

5 Essential Skills for Content Marketing Copywriters Today
By Neil Patel at Content Marketing Institute
Generating copy isn’t difficult. But with more and more contenders vying for prospect attention, the need for producing heavyweight content is more important than ever. Patel offers a list of five essential copywriting skills critical for going toe-to-toe against the competition.

4 Ways to Improve Engagement with Hashtags
By Dylan Kissane at Social Media Examiner
Looking to gain better traction from your hashtag campaigns? Kissane outlines four ways to transform hashtags into a seamless combination of jabs that cut through the noise of social media, improve audience engagement—and better connect your brand with your with fans and followers.

Why video marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach millennials
By Brad Jefferson at Mashable
If you want to be the main event with millennials, you’ll need to brush up your video skills. Jefferson explains how to bob and weave through video challenges—and get an understanding of how millennials judge video content.