This week, we’re looking at tactical, day-to-day content marketing. You know: the bread and butter of audience building, lead generation, and repeat business—not to mention overall operational efficiency. Find content attributes execs find compelling, see how fast mobile users open promo emails, and new ways to connect with Facebook audiences. Plus, get suggestions for integrating social media with content strategy, along with tips for email in-box unclogging.

Nearly 40% of Execs Pay for Digital News
eMarketer Staff Report
Key decision makers notice quality content; in fact, they’ll even pay for it. Read this story to understand why executives are willing to buy digital news—and discover how to leverage the premium they place on exceptional content.

Majority of Email Opens on Mobile Phones Occur in the First 4 Hours Post-Delivery
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Pay attention to the first four hours after you hit “send” on your next email campaign. According to this article, you may be able to judge mobile success during that window. You’ll also get stats on the times when tablet and desktop audiences are most likely to open your emails (hint: these folks don’t move as fast).

Why Aren’t My Facebook Fans Seeing My Posts Anymore?
By Shannon Johnson at HubSpot
Take a look at Johnson’s piece if you think your Facebook posts aren’t reaching your intended audiences. You’ll find advice for content marketers that may alleviate the pain of Facebook’s recent algorithm adjustments—so your engagement on Zuck’s platform stays high.

How to Build Social Media Into Your Content Marketing Processes
By Cathy McPhillips at Content Marketing Institute
Coordination is essential for effective marketing. In this fourth installment of Content Marketing Institute’s Back to Basics series, you’ll get a primer on how best to integrate social media into your larger marketing efforts. McPhillips walks through a detailed social media content plan and offers examples based on CMI’s own marketing work with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and SlideShare.

Email overload? 19 tips for taking control of your inbox
By Kadhim Shubber at The Guardian
Did that poorly timed email notification chime interrupt your train of thought? Here are some practical tips to make email do your bidding rather than other way around. It’s worth a read for suggestions to manage distractions by controlling when and where you engage.