Romance is in the air this week, and even the companies that content marketers work for aren’t immune. The five stories here tell tales of love and loss, and can teach us valuable marketing lessons along the way. Read on to learn why Google users are looking for new paramours, which smartphone OS is the apple of our eye, what happens when a social network falls out of love with a feature, how Twitter is sharing the love for Vine, and what the B2B content funnel loves best.

Why Traffic To These Google Alternatives Is Soaring
By Adam Tanner at Forbes
Recent privacy concerns appear to have Google visitors playing the field in search of more discreet alternatives. This piece describes the incredible growth of anonymous search sites in recent months and shows how they seek to protect users from inadvertently oversharing.

Google’s Android System Claimed 79% of Smartphone Market in 2013 
By Michael Calia at The Wall Street Journal
Around the world, there’s no doubt that Google Android is the smartphone OS everyone has a crush on. Read this article to make sure your content is courting the right platform, learn how the smartphone market performed in 2013, and see how it appears to be shaping up in 2014.

LinkedIn Kills Controversial iPhone Email Feature
By Reed Albergotti at Digits-The Wall Street Journal
Not everyone has good stories to tell on Valentine’s Day. After only four months, LinkedIn is breaking up with its Intro iPhone app because of security issues. Find out why LinkedIn should have been more cautious as it leveraged users’ Gmail accounts in its app.

Twitter Turns to Flipboard to Acquire Users for Vine 
By Cotton Delo at Ad Age
Twitter and its fledgling Vine social video app need new users to meet growth expectations. Much like signing up for a profile, Twitter is placing Vine ads in popular reading app Flipboard to encourage new relationships—a rare maneuver for a social media company. See the article for more on how Twitter is growing Vine as a content platform.

Understanding the B2B Content Funnel
By Paul Gustafson at TDA Group
What does content love most? Eyeballs. This step-by-step video presentation describes the repeatable best practices TDA uses to accelerate the B2B sales cycle for some of the world’s biggest and most demanding high-technology brands.