Scoring goals in content marketing doesn’t happen by itself. Read this World Cup-themed edition of our weekly digest for tips about setting yourself up to win in social, search, and video venues. You’ll see stories about avoiding the penalty of unshared content, pressing your advantage on Facebook, understanding the Google Analytics pitch, and turning videos into high-scoring stars. Plus, you’ll find a superb interactive tool for picking World Cup winners.

Myths about how people share content online
By Kristin Piombino at Ragan’s PR Daily
You can’t score if you can’t pass. Read this article and accompanying infographic to understand how content spreads through social media circles—and get a better understanding of what it takes to set up your content for success.

When Does A Facebook Post Get Most Traction? Sunday!
By David Nicholson at Forbes
This coming Sunday, it’s the U.S. versus Portugal. But as Nicholson writes, Sundays in general are also great days to post items on Facebook. Follow along as he explores recent TrackMaven survey data. His story offers winning tips on content structure and length, as well as suggestions on maximum use of punctuation and hashtags.

Twitter Now Supports GIFs
By Kurt Wagner at Mashable
Sometimes, movement is the name of the game. This week, Twitter is keeping its users moving by adding support for GIFs, the now-ubiquitous animated images that have become shorthand for conveying reactions or emotions. Learn more in this report.

Content Marketing Strategy: 3 Ways to Measure Success with Google Analytics
By Arnie Kuenn at Content Marketing Institute
Content marketing goals aren’t always as clear-cut as the end result of a World Cup match. While most of us agree that effectiveness is key, measuring effectiveness can be a challenge. Kuenn, president of search marketing agency Vertical Measures, explains how to use Google Analytics to best gauge performance.

The Art and Science of Viral Videos
By Shane Jones at HubSpot
Post-game analysis of video hits can reveal playmaking potential for your next video project, says Jones. He describes five elements of successful videos that you can leverage for your next production.

World Cup 2014 Predictions & Results [interactive tool]
Bloomberg News Staff Report
True World Cup fans think they know who has a lock on the championship. Prove it with this fun tool from Bloomberg’s BSports, which shows the odds for each team—and lets you pick the winners. You can always tell the boss that analyzing team potential is a good exercise in preparing for your next content audit.