Your content can’t hit its mark if it doesn’t get in front of the eyes that matter. This week’s Content Happy Hour offers advice on crafting messages that will get shared, retweeted, and liked to extend your reach. Read on for data-driven analysis of what drives retweets, a how-to for shareworthy content, the wearable future of content consumption, the importance of a single Twitter account, and key takeaways from the marketers presenting at last week’s SXSW Festival.

Which of Twitter’s “Hard Features” Can Drive the Most ReTweets?
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Twitter’s retweets became a ubiquitous measure of reach seemingly seconds after the site’s launch, but mastering the technique can still present hurdles for even the most experienced content marketer. If your content needs a bump, take a look at this article that assesses new analytics from Twitter; it clarifies how features such as photos, #hashtags, links, videos, and tweets containing a number or a digit (such as a sports score) can extend reach. Spoiler alert: photos and videos are still tops when it comes to social.

Three Traits of Shareworthy Content
By Courtney Bosch at MarketingProfs
To extend reach, content needs to be compelling—but what exactly does that mean? In this piece, you’ll learn how traits such as humor, creativity, and empathy can help your marketing content get passed along through social audiences.

Google takes consumers’ wrists to next frontier with Android watch
By Alexei Oreskovic at Reuters
What if extending your content’s reach meant literally putting it on the wrists of your target audience? Google plans to do just that, officially unveiling this week its plans to help develop watches and other wearable computers based on its Android mobile operating system. Already the dominant smartphone OS globally, extending Android to wearables could mean your content gets viewed as easily as checking the time.

Why one Twitter account is plenty
By Jason Mollica at Ragan’s PR Daily
Any time a message is diluted, reach, readability, and engagement suffer. That’s the message in this article from Ragan’s PR Daily that examines why more isn’t better when it comes to Twitter accounts. See why focusing on a single account is best for both your corporate and personal brands.

SXSW Interactive 2014: Five Takeaways for Marketers
By Kerry O’Shea Gorgone at MarketingProfs
With more than 30,000 attendees this year, South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) Festival has clearly become a media sensation. Go beyond the headlines with this story that covers the practical advice from marketers presenting at the event, including overcoming content shock, building storytelling into your presentations, and aggressively assessing new ideas to expose the best your team has to offer.