Content is king in B2B marketing, but how do you make sure the king’s reign is effective? This week’s digest examines five ways to elevate creative efforts so your company has a better chance of assuming a market leadership position. You’ll discover elements needed for worthy leads, link-building tips for rising above the crowd, and ways to array digital content for popular appeal. Plus, find out why an Android photo app might make the lords of Apple just a little nervous.

4 Things You Need To Know About The B2B Content Funnel
By Paul Gustafson at the Online Marketing Institute
When is a sales funnel shaped like a megaphone? Read TDA President Paul Gustafson’s recent article for the Online Marketing Institute to find out. You’ll learn the four critical elements needed to ensure that your content strategy mirrors an effective sales cycle. Gustafson’s piece also links to his recent in-depth webinar covering the B2B content funnel in detail.

3 Link Building Tips That Still Work
By David Amerland at Social Media Today
In this article, SEO expert Amerland shares vital backlink tips that still work with Google’s PageRank system changes. These tips may help your online properties flourish and help your digital content attract more attention.

Eye-Tracking Study: How to Beat Display Ad Blindness
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
Content may rule, but the monarch still has to live somewhere. Here, Nanji examines recent research analyzing how the eye tracks digital content, and shows what works—and what doesn’t. Some of these findings about where to best place content may surprise you.

Twitter for Android Updated With New Photo-Editing Features
By Karissa Bell at Mashable
Android users may now smile and say “cheese.” Twitter has updated its Google store app for new photo-editing features, such as cropping photos, and added new sharing and discovery features.

Three Timely Social Media Lessons From an Old Business 
By Steve Woodruff at MarketingProfs
Remember the Amtrak slogan, “We’re making trains worth traveling again?” Woodruff reports on how “the civilized shuttle” is listening intently at rider feedback and responding with immediacy, humor, and grace. Read this story for a case study on using social media to steam toward customer satisfaction.