All too often, marketing and sales clash despite common goals. But collaboration delivers better results than playing a Game of Thrones. Study the battlefield to unite both sides and help your business emerge a victor. Read on for a primer on pipeline planning, ways to help every piece of content earn its shares, an overview of B2B marketing in 2014, advice on catching buyers at their most vulnerable, foresight into buying decisions, and the top mobile target for a global audience.

Executive Perspective: The One Metric You NEED to Track
By Sangram Vajre at the Salesforce Pardot Blog
A good relationship with sales begins with one word: pipeline. Read this article from Pardot to make sure you’re ready to contribute the right numbers when sales begins forecasting the year’s revenue. By offering up pipeline-to-spend and pipeline-to-revenue metrics, you’ll open the door to collaborative goal-setting—and success.

13 reasons why people won’t share your content on social media
By Sharon Hurley Hall at Ragan’s PR Daily
When it comes to social media, content sharing can show sales a tangible contribution to funnel building. The trick: ensuring your team creates best practices that will help your content reach new audiences. Take a look at this list for fixes to common causes of low share rates—from technical issues such as share buttons and hashtags to content problems such as poorly written headlines or missing calls to action.

B2B Marketing Budgets to Increase; Online Video a Growing Medium
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Good information sharing also makes for good relationships. Give sales a view into the year in marketing spend with this article that sums up findings from Advertising Age’s 2014 BtoB Outlook: Marketing Priorities and Plans survey. Be sure to point out that roughly half of respondents are increasing event budgets, and that three in four marketers plan to increase spending on content marketing, with plans to push that additional content out to social and mobile platforms.

Understanding B2B Buyer Behavior: Timing is Everything [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Molly Hoffmeister at the Salesforce Pardot Blog
Show your support for sales by scheduling your marketing efforts to capitalize on B2B buying behaviors. This infographic from Salesforce breaks down the time to buy by year, month, and week. But don’t linger too long—the infographic also points out how critical the post-holiday timeframe is, so you’ll want to get started right away.

Social Media Increasingly Important for B-to-B Marketers: Study
By Alex Kantrowitz at AdAge
When you produce the content prospects are looking for, you increase the odds that those prospects are receptive when sales comes calling. While today that might mean in-depth collateral such as white papers and editorial content, there appears to be a shift on the horizon. This article offers a window that shows when you can expect social media to become the top influencer for buying decisions.

Global Mobile Consumers Prefer Samsung to Apple
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
Finally, make sure you adjust marketing plans based on the regions your sales teams are targeting. This piece points out that while Apple is a no-brainer for mobile in the U.S., Samsung devices are coveted most by consumers in Brazil, India, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia. By tailoring marketing spend accordingly, you can collaborate with sales for a global win.