It’s easy to throw yourself into a job and neglect your own long-term development. Check this week’s news digest to raise your profile and improve the odds of advancement at your next performance review. You’ll learn which public speaking advice to avoid, get the ins and outs of LinkedIn connections, and note how to choose your words carefully. Plus, see how your peers are doing, shine the spotlight on your video capabilities, and discover how to grow your LinkedIn network.

5 terrible pieces of public speaking advice
By Michelle Mazur at Ragan’s PR Daily
To advance, you need to put yourself out there. But when it comes to the big stage of public speaking, we can all get a little nervous—and there’s no shortage of bad advice when figuring out how to get rid of butterflies. Take a look at this article to make sure you’re not falling back on a cliché that may make things worse when you get your chance in the spotlight.

40+ Tips to Grow Your LinkedIn Connections [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Irfan Ahmad at Social Media Today
Oftentimes, the connections we make can lead to our next great career opportunity. And these days, there’s no more visible proof of those opportunities than the Network tab on LinkedIn. Check out this infographic for tips on getting the most out of LinkedIn while growing your contacts, including advice on maintaining an active presence on the site, the best ways to reach out to past colleagues, and guidelines on giving and receiving endorsements.

8 Words You Use That Make You Sound Weak
Reader’s Digest Staff Report
Our language choices say far more about us than we realize, particularly when it comes to business conversations and interviews for our next promotion. This excerpt from The Way of the SEAL, by retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine, offers ideas on substituting negative language for positive—and creating better impressions as a result. Now drop and give us twenty.

How Often Are Marketers Creating Content?
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
As a content marketer, setting yourself apart from the crowd might be as simple as learning about your peers and then going one step beyond. Nanji’s report uncovers facts about how often most content marketers are creating content—along with details on the most popular forms of content, statistics on blogging and sharing, and more.

Optimize Your Video Content: A Simple 5-Step Process
By Michael Litt at Content Marketing Institute
As you sit down for your next review, being armed with proof that your content is successful can go a long way toward being rewarded with more responsibility. This is especially true with video, where production can carry a high price tag. The steps listed here can help you design videos with a clear marketing goal in mind and end up with content that delivers measurable positive impact.

LinkedIn’s U-Turn On Content: We’re All Thought Leaders, Now
By George Anders at Forbes
We’ve all heard about “professional brands” and the importance of making sure we’re projecting a strong impression online and among colleagues in our field. Read this article about LinkedIn opening up its publishing platform to all users to discover why your expertise matters to the social site, and how your articles could expose you to a larger audience—and much bigger opportunities.