It’s tricky to keep your career on track in the world of content marketing—but there’s a lot of opportunity out there. This week’s digest starts with an article exploring 10 new content marketing roles that may help your organization—and you. Plus, get tips for making in-person and digital networking less awkward, ways to understand non-English speaking contacts, and methods to leverage your professional background for Scrabble mastery. (It can’t all be about work, right?)

10 Content Marketing Roles for Success in the Next 10 Years
By Joe Pulizzi at Content Marketing Institute
Where do you see your career in five years? If you work in content marketing, consider a shift toward one of the 10 emerging roles Pulizzi describes. Aiming for one of these emerging positions—such as Chief Content Officer, Managing Editor, or Director of Audience—may keep your career moving forward and your company competitive.

6 Ways to Make Networking Less Awkward
By Michael Dennis at Mashable
Suffering from sweaty palms, butterflies in the belly, and heightened blood pressure? These stress reactions are normal for people attending those career-enhancing, in-person networking obligations. But there’s hope for the nervous with six calming strategies Dennis describes.

The Definitive Guide to Awkward LinkedIn Networking
By Corey Eridon at HubSpot
It’s not easy being a smooth operator on LinkedIn. Think using that bathroom mirror selfie as your profile picture is OK? Not so much. Eridon highlights seven surefire ways to make your social networking attempts awkward and ineffective.

How to use Google as your universal translator
By Lance Whitney at CNET
No need to worry if that’s all Greek (or Spanish) to you. Even when important business contacts or subject-matter experts aren’t using English as a first language, tools such as Google Translate can help. Whitney explains best practices for accessing and taking advantage of these products so you can understand your contacts, colleagues, and prospects.

CMOs and CIOs Both Claim Ownership of Mobile App Projects
By MarketingCharts staff
Navigating the tug-of-war that is project and technology ownership in any company can be complicated. This MarketingCharts guide can help you understand who claims territorial rights on particular platforms. According to this article, CMOs have video, while CIOs own content management systems—and when you read this story, you’ll see what happens when both roles stake ownership in the same projects. (We’re looking at you, mobile apps.)

‘Selfie’ and ‘Hashtag’ Are Now Eligible Words in Scrabble
By Neha Prakash at Mashable
Knowledge is power, particularly in the world of…Scrabble. You read that right. With content marketing terms like “selfie” and “hashtag” worming their way into the Scrabble dictionary, it’s time to leverage your real-life experience in the arena of word games.