The holidays are officially upon us, and there’s plenty of cheer to go around—in the form of great ideas for marketers. This week, you’ll find a gift under the tree for everyone on your team. Put on your favorite Bing Crosby tune and read on. You’ll find a gift guide for communicators, a forecast for the social members of your team, tips for lead gen, the year’s hot item in mobile, a look ahead that will help the design department, and even a fun quiz for the movie buffs.

The ultimate gift guide for communicators
Ragan’s PR Daily Staff Report
If you like to open the biggest present first, start with this. You’ll find a great guide to the gifts PR professionals are looking for this holiday season. The list is compiled by industry pros who know firsthand how important each communicator is. Show your appreciation for a job well done this year, and then queue up the team to handle the post-holiday rush when they get back from the break.

Where Is Social TV Heading in 2014?
By Jesse Redniss at Ad Age
Treat your social team with insight into a trending technology that’s sure to pop up on their radar in 2014: social TV. As the technology starts to reach a tipping point, it’s time for marketers to take notice. The article offers predictions on how the technology will come of age in the coming year as big data and real-time insights offer you the ability to shape content for an engaged audience.

B2B Leads: Once Again, Speed-to-Call Counts
Marketing Charts Staff Report
The best part about a gift for those responsible for lead gen? It keeps on giving as the whole company reaps the rewards. This year you can help improve lead generation by 391 percent when you reach out within a minute of the lead being generated. Read the story for more on how important speed-to-call is in the lead gen process and how your organization can benefit.

Instagram Ranked The Fastest-Growing Top Smartphone App of 2013
Marketing Charts Staff Report
On the mobile marketing side, give the gift of knowledge. Let marketers know that the year’s fastest-growing smartphone app by a clear margin was for the photo-sharing network Instagram. Learn more about the year’s top mobile apps in the article, and work with your team in the new year to make sure your content is targeting the right vehicles.

The top visual design trends for 2014
By Kevin Allen at Ragan’s PR Daily
iStock—the most ubiquitous tool in every designer’s kit—has a gift for your design team: a terrific infographic that offers a glimpse into the visual trends that will mark 2014. Check out the comprehensive list, including stock photo inspirations such as beards, diverse women, modern dads, back-end design choices (handcrafted illustrations), and cutting-edge technologies (wearable cameras).

Quiz: It’s a Wonderful Life – or Die Hard?
Guardian Staff Report
While there are a lot of holiday classics out there, they don’t get farther apart on the entertainment spectrum than the two movies in this quiz. Pretty much everyone in the office will have a great time with this quiz. Believe it or not, it’s much tougher than you think to decide which quote is from Die Hard and which is from It’s a Wonderful Life.

TDA Group Thanks You for a Great 2013 [VIDEO]
TDA Group Staff
If you haven’t already seen our holiday video, do take a look. We hope this brief piece captures the feeling of the season—and expresses our thanks to TDA clients, partners, and vendors.