Stop reading yet another Twitter IPO story already. This edition of our weekly news digest looks at seven recent social media developments far more likely to affect the way content marketers work. Find social strategy benchmarking resources, the latest on using Google+ to understand YouTube audiences, and items covering advances in personalization. You’ll also see why an iconic image is no longer relevant and discover a new way to perplex product development folks.

Social Media Strategies: How Top Brands Staff, Budget, and Measure 
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
How do enterprise companies staff and outsource social media activities? Nanji provides highlights from recent Google and AdAge research that breaks down increased social spending and expectations by industry. Worth a look for comparing your efforts with competitors in your vertical.

YouTube’s comment cleanup commences 
By Dara Kerr at CNET
If you want to understand audience reaction on YouTube, you’ll probably have to get involved with yet another Google domain. According to Kerr, the company’s video-sharing platform is ditching chronological and often anonymous comments in favor of comments sorted by popularity—and friends you have hopefully cultivated in Google+ circles.

5 Ways To Boost Productivity With Your Tablet 
By Eric Larson at Mashable
Tablets are great for quick social interactions, but you should also use these devices for other business activities, writes Larson. His short article offers five valuable tips on using tablets to increase workplace efficiency. (Veteran marketers will not be surprised that Larson urges users to get an external keyboard.)

Helpouts From Google Connects People With Experts Over Live Video
By Claire Cain Miller at The New York Times
A live person! Wouldn’t that be, well, social? According to Miller, Google has realized that online search results have their limitations. The digital giant and occasional barge remodeler has launched Helpouts, which connects people with experts through video chat for free or paid advice. No word yet on any Google+ requirements for the service, but the personalization aspect should intrigue marketers.

Apple to offer in-store iPhone repairs, says report 
By Lance Whitney at CNET
Speaking of actual human contact, Whitney reports that Apple is preparing to offer in-store repairs for broken iPhones, which have presumably been damaged through overactive social media use. This could help traveling content marketers with lead thumbs. The only drawback we can see is that you won’t be able to tweet about the store’s service in real time.

Facebook Axes The Iconic ‘Thumbs Up’ From Its Like Button
By Jillian D’Onfro at Business Insider
Was it just us, or did that Facebook “thumbs up” button always look like the hitchhiking gesture? According to D’Onfro, the iconic symbol has moved on. Read her story to understand why—and to make sure you don’t thumb a ride to irrelevance by using the outdated icon.

New Patent Lets Apple Build Fingerprint Scanners in More Devices
By Meg Wagner at Mashable
There must be a future social media tie-in here: Apple has been awarded a fingerprint-scanning patent for devices without Home buttons, Wagner reports. We speculate that someone is going to come up with a way to use the technology to streamline the process of converting content into customers. Be the first to ask product development people what they’re going to do about it.