How can you create a strong flow of content that accelerates the customer journey and produces more sales-ready leads? This week’s digest points you in the right direction. You’ll learn why you should consider alternatives to the PDF for content delivery, how to prepare a robust content stream, how to create shareable content, why optimizing for mobile search is key, and what new Facebook capability could help you deliver an immersive content experience.

What the World Will Look Like When They Block All the Ads
By Joshua Brustein at BloombergBusiness
Folks in the advertising world are all aflutter over the rise of ad blockers. And who can blame them? You want people to read what you have to offer—which makes your content stream strategy timelier than ever.

Beyond the PDF: How Alternative Content Marketing Formats Improve the Customer Experience
By Ashley Taylor Anderson at Content Marketing Institute
Speaking of content people want to read, are PDFs ideal for all your marketing content? You might want to mix it up a little. This article floats a variety of alternatives you should consider as you strive to create an appealing experience.

6 steps for preparing a successful content stream
TDA Group Staff Report
A content stream is a highly effective way to generate qualified, sales-ready leads and maximize the return on a marketing investment. This e-book guides you through the key steps, from defining your strategy to continuously generating the most engaging, relevant content for the target audience.

How to Create Content that People Love to Share
Rohan Ayyar at Business 2 Community
Every day, your audience faces a deluge of content—and your job is to make sure what you have to offer floats to the top. Ayyar provides a few simple guidelines for reaching your target audience and producing content they’ll be happy to pass along.

North American Phone Traffic: Search Tops for Referrals; Email for Conversions
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Can a mobile audience find your content gold among all the streams of information available today? A recent Adobe Digital Index (ADI) report suggests that optimizing your content for search might be a more effective strategy for connecting with customers than relying on direct methods, such as email. This MarketingCharts article gives more detail about the results.

NEWS: Facebook rolls out 360-degree video
B2B Marketing Staff Report
What if you could truly immerse your audience in your content? Facebook could help you do just that. The social media platform will now support 360-degree videos. Initially available to a select number of publishers, access to additional content producers should be available in the near future. Learn more in this B2B Marketing report.