What you really want in a gift is something that lasts long after the holidays—and we’ve found three such items in the news for you this week. Like the best gift suggestions, these presents are things you can give yourself, because you’ll almost certainly need and use them to look good throughout the upcoming year.

Most Effective – and Challenging – Lead Nurturing Tactics
MarketingCharts Staff Report

Wish list suggestion #1: A steady stream of content.

According to a recent study from research firm Ascend2, content is the best means of attracting and retaining B2B leads. But the company also says it’s the most challenging tactic for marketers. This MarketingCharts summary of the report explains how to best gift-wrap qualified prospects.

Google will route users to Accelerated Mobile Pages starting February 2016
By Abhimanyu Ghoshal at The Next Web

Wish list suggestion #2: Fast-loading, mobile-optimized content.

Prospects can be as impatient as small children anticipating the moment presents are ready for unwrapping. One way to get leads to their content rapidly may be through technologies like Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is somewhat similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles feature. The new Google offering will be ready sometime in 2016; read Ghoshal’s article to understand the content demand the search giant is attempting to meet.

How Businesses Are Using Events to Reach Customers
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs

Wish list suggestion #3: Event content ready for the new year.

According to Nanji, 73 percent of marketers say these affairs deliver positive ROI. The top three kinds of events? Conferences, tradeshows, and webinars, he says. All of these events require content, of course, and we have it on good authority that St. Nick is taking a close look at how naughty or nice marketers are being about their preparations. (We’re assuming you’re in the latter category.)

Need more ideas for your wish list? Let us know.