Pity the poor, extinct mastodon. It just couldn’t make the cut during the transition from the Pleistocene to the Holocene epochs. Or, maybe poor you. Like any life form, marketers are vulnerable to changes in their environments. Our weekly roundup of content marketing news looks at ways to evolve and thrive in the new digital, social, and mobile age — and avoid becoming a relic of a bygone era.

The Rise of the Digital CMO
By Jake Sorofman at the Harvard Business Review
Go digital or go the way of the dinosaur, opines Sorofman, a Gartner research director. Many CMOs, he writes, are disconnected from digital marketing — in which everything is measurable — and remain petrified in a bygone analog era where ROI is ambiguous and anecdotal. Marketing execs who want to remain relevant may find a few survival tips in this thoughtful piece.

12 types of social media personalities [infographic]
By Michael Sebastian at Ragan’s PR Daily
Are you a peacock? A lurker? Maybe a ranter? Like a pop psychology quiz, this infographic cannot, of course, fully explain your social media personality. But it will give you clues about your social genus and the digital environment you’re likely to inhabit.

Why Lead Nurturing Is Like Hosting a Dinner Party
By Charlotte Varela at MarketingProfs
Think of leads as members of a nearby tribe you’re trying to win over at your clan’s campfire. Varela outlines nine ways to serve a content feast that will help turn these fickle nomads into customers and allies.

How Corporate Logos Evolve [infographic]
By Eric Lyday at Daily Infographic
Long ago, horses were the size of terriers, whales walked on land, and the Microsoft logo looked like a blue-tinted soil sample taken from a cracked, dry lakebed. See the surprising evolution of some of the world’s most recognizable brands in this infographic.