Raise your glass to avoiding marketing near-misses and a happy planetary close call. Earth will just miss getting pummeled by Asteroid 1998 QE2 this Friday afternoon, while we’ve scoured the content marketing galaxy for items about hitting target audiences. In this week’s edition of our digest, you’ll find news about enticing C-level executives, why online video attracts audiences, ways to expand your universe of customer reference possibilities, and more.

JDA Software uses custom content to reach CEOs
By Kate Maddox at BtoB Magazine
According to Maddox, supply chain software firm JDA believes the logical way to get high-level attention at a prospect company is to simply create digital collateral aimed exclusively at CEOs. Her story examines how the company tailors apps, portals, and e-books for the rarified C-suite environment, and explains how JDA personalizes content for specific head honchos at target companies.

Ad Agencies See Effectiveness in Online Video
eMarketer Staff Report
Content marketers need not shy away from findings in other parts of the marketing universe. This story reports that advertising execs now think online video ads are equally or more effective than television ads for reaching audiences. Reasons for online video’s growing attraction are explained in this piece.

30 Overused Buzzwords in Digital Marketing
By Bob Al-Greene at Mashable
Prepare the escape hatch. Do people really know what they mean when they use terms like “gamification,” “ideation,” and “synergy”? This infographic provides accurate definitions of buzzwords you’ve almost certainly heard. Our favorite is the piece’s definition of contextual marketing: “All marketing is contextual, so whatever.”

6 Ways to Get Salespeople to Expand the Case Study Pipeline
By Paul Gustafson at TDA Group
Maybe you were setting up a telescope to see if you could glimpse the asteroid, but if you didn’t catch this post from TDA supremo Paul Gustafson earlier this week, take a look. His piece offers six commonsense ways to blast your customer reference program into the stratosphere.