As students head back to school across the U.S., many content marketers could learn something new about delivering effective content across mobile and social platforms. In this back-to-school content digest, learn what honeybees can teach marketers, and pick up three tips for being more personable on social media. Plus, see if you’re ready for a mobile mind shift, and find out why social media is critically important for tech companies.

What Honeybees Can Teach Marketers 
By Don Peppers at SocialMediopolis
Bees perform a “waggle” dance for other bees when they find a new, pollen-filled flower. Today’s social media channels enable customers to do something similar. Find out why enhancing the customer experience in this social environment is critical to business success.

Is Your Company Ready for the ‘Mobile Mind Shift’?
By Will Yakowicz at Inc.
Customers and employees today expect information and services to be available anytime on any device. Watch a short video and find links to strategies on how to embrace this mobile mind shift.

Be More Personable on Social Media: 3 Tips
By Jeff Haden at Inc.
Lose the corporate speak without losing your brand. Discover some insightful tips on how to optimize online social interactions by making them clear, classy, and consistent.

Social media marketing in the technology sector 
By Tim Anderson at The Guardian
With 80 percent of IT decision makers using social media to find product information and validate purchase decisions, tech businesses must make social media a central part of their marketing and customer support efforts. Read the case for bolstering social media and learn what’s working for companies.