Mark Zuckerberg’s social network turned 10 this week, and mobile-savvy content marketers may wish to raise a glass to mark the occasion. This week’s news digest includes stories about Facebook’s increased mobile focus, its latest foray into digital publishing, and the company’s meteoric rise to ubiquity. Plus, we’ve found tips that may boost your social marketing effectiveness on Facebook, as well as other social platforms that may or may not be celebrating this week.

By the numbers: 10 years of Facebook
By Heather Kelly at CNN
Has it really been a decade? See the milestones, number of active users by region, and ways people use Facebook in Kelly’s condensed infographic history of the platform. This piece lets you observe the recent evolution of consumer digital taste—and its continued influence on B2B marketing.

Facebook’s mobile journey has only just begun, but already makes money
By Charles Arthur at The Guardian
While Kelly’s infographic hints at Facebook smelling mobile opportunity, Arthur’s story illustrates why the company is focusing on this audience—and it’s not for philanthropic reasons. As Arthur reports, most users now access the site through mobile devices at least some of the time, while desktop-only usage is shrinking fast. A graphic accompanying Arthur’s piece nicely explains this upward trend in mobile usage, and shows why Facebook sees mobile as its future.

Facebook Tests Graph Search on Mobile: How It Works 
By Seth Fiegerman at Mashable
Facebook’s increased mobile focus is further illustrated in Fiegerman’s story about the company doing mobile testing of its Graph Search natural language search feature. Read his article for a sneak peek at how the feature works on mobile devices, and discover why users may find it attractive for speedier and more relevant searches.

Facebook’s Paper App Sounds a Bit Too Familiar to One Company 
By Jason Abbruzzese at Mashable
The importance of content isn’t lost on Facebook, either. Its recently released Paper mobile news app is meant to provide readers with a magazine-like interface that’s less cluttered and distracting than the platform’s traditional look and feel. But while the concept makes sense, the name might not. Mobile software developer FiftyThree has been selling an illustration app with the same name since 2012—and isn’t too pleased with Facebook selling an app called Paper.

6 Social Media Tips That Will Improve Your Marketing 
By Belle Beth Cooper at Fast Company
While Facebook is a bellwether of social networking, it’s not the only social media game in town. Cooper’s time-saving (and face-saving) tips include broadening Twitter coverage and knowing the best times to post, plus a how-to on YouTube pop-ups. She hasn’t forgotten Facebook, either. Her article includes ways to effectively run promotions on Facebook while meeting the company’s recently changed guidelines.