Sometimes it’s important to take the initiative in the world of business-relationship building. This week’s digest explores strategies professionals can use to create meaningful connections across the globe. You’ll learn how to take advantage of LinkedIn’s redesigned app profiles, discover why asset management is the key to not being a digital wallflower, find hacks for keeping your professional life organized, and more.

LinkedIn Redesigns User Profiles to Foster Relationship Building
By Alice Truong at Fast Company
Tired of the same old LinkedIn profiles? The platform feels your pain and has responded, writes Truong, by overhauling its flagship app’s profile view to help relationship building among users. The revamped profiles not only let you quickly see a person’s name, education, job title, and mutual connections, but also offer icebreakers to help foster introductions. The app even makes it easier to see who’s been checking you out.

Rocking The Digital Asset Management Stage of Content Marketing
By Robert Rose at Content Marketing Institute
It’s time to stop being a digital wallflower. Rose explains how to take action and get all eyes to notice you, turning your creative content marketing up a notch while getting smart about digital asset management. Read on to discover his three recommendations for streamlining the process.

What Users Value in the Website Experience (Hint: Performance)
By MarketingCharts staff
Your website design looks great, your content shines—but is it enough to keep users happy? Perhaps not. According to a new Limelight Networks study, users rate a website’s quick load time as more important than fresh content. Other findings highlight respondents’ attitudes toward site performance on mobile devices, personalization of the web experience, and what makes them recommend a brand to friends.

Save Battery Life With These 7 Lite Versions of Your Favorite Apps
By Kyli Singh at Mashable
Even the best, most useful apps are only as good as the mobile device to which they’re downloaded. If your battery is dead, you can say “buh-bye” to productivity. Singh reveals seven lite versions of popular apps, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest, that could save your battery’s life and keep you connected.

The Forgetful Person’s Guide to Staying Organized at Work
By Ginny Soskey at HubSpot
You forget names, appointments, and grocery lists. We sympathize. But your co-workers and clients? Not so much. Soskey discloses the best tips and tools for keeping yourself organized in the workplace, including Gmail hacks, an Evernote explainer, and browser bookmarks. Better read this now before you, er, forget.