Quick – which social platform are busy executives most likely to use? You’ll find out in this edition of our weekly content marketing news digest. You’ll also read why some marketers struggle with the dynamics of the sales funnel, and some reasons for the decline in PC usage that may help you redefine your mobile strategy.

LinkedIn Is Preferred By Executives
By TJ McCue at Forbes
This piece reinforces the need to make content appear where audiences live, as well as ensuring that content includes quantifiable benefits. According to a recent DHR International survey, the executive recruiting firm found that LinkedIn is now the top social media destination for business executives. The research also suggests that professionals holding titles of director and above find it difficult to fit social media into their busy schedules – but 90 percent of executives surveyed would use social media more if it was obviously helpful to their businesses.

Mobile Video Views Up 300% In 2012, With Tablets Driving The Charge With A 360% Increase
By Darrell Etherington at TechCrunch
Video continues to be vital for integrated content marketing efforts. The recently released Adobe Digital Video Benchmark, writes Etherington, reveals that smartphones and tablets were the biggest device-growth categories for video in 2012 – and now account for more than 10 percent of all video starts combined. Video viewership across all platforms, says the report, grew by 30 percent year over year in Q4 2012 versus the same time in 2011.

Branding is key in filling the sales pipeline
By Christopher Hosford at BtoB
Understanding the sales funnel continues to be a problem for many marketers. According to Hosford, a recent BtoB study discovered that marketers tend not to differentiate the importance of various channels and their impact on the buying cycle. Part of the problem, Hosford writes, stems from the increasing length and complexity of the sales pipeline. This apparently has caused 32 percent of marketers surveyed to throw up their hands in despair – and refuse to connect leads to any kind of marketing touch. We weren’t aware that giving up was an option.

The PC market is a horror show right now
By Erica Ogg at GigaOM
Read this article for more evidence that it’s becoming a mobile world. According to Ogg, PC shipments plummeted by 14 percent last quarter – the worst quarter since tracking began in 1994. This makes it the fourth quarter in a row that PC shipments have declined. Instead, writes Ogg, businesses and individual consumers are making the purchase of cheaper, more portable tablets their priority right now.