This Friday’s content marketing news digest features articles that demystify routine marketing activities—so you can accomplish more when next Monday rolls around. Discover tips for ensuring audience trust by getting your message across accurately, quickly, and intelligently. Then find more news to celebrate at the end of the week. You’ll get advice about interacting with Facebook prospects, success story best practices, a tutorial on optimizing URLs for SEO, and more.

LinkedIn and Twitter try to make sense of online content, trends
By Beki Winchel at Ragan’s PR Daily
Truth in content? Social media sites LinkedIn and Twitter certainly hope that’s the case with content published on their platforms. Read Winchel’s article if you harbor thought-leadership aspirations—and see why these digital giants are devoting more resources to ensure the accuracy of user-contributed content.

Top 9 Facebook Marketing Questions Answered
By Andrea Vahl at Social Media Examiner
Vahl answers nine frequently asked questions about the social media channel, and includes screen shots for activities such as changing page names, showing videos, regaining admin control, and more.

4 components of an effective success story
By Paul Gustafson at TDA Group
What does an effective success story look like? TDA President Paul Gustafson looks at the four essential components of these stories—and explains why they can overcome skepticism, shorten sales cycles, and help close deals.

How to Use YouTube Cards to Promote Your Business
By Christian Karasiewicz at Social Media Examiner
Now that you’ve gotten that video up on YouTube, what’s next? Karasiewicz shows how to use call-to-action YouTube cards, and prod prospects to learn more about your company.

Does URL Structure Even Matter? A Data Driven Answer
By Neil Patel at Search Engine Journal
What’s in a name? It can depend on how that name appears when it’s a URL, writes Patel. His article examines why certain kinds of Web addresses are likely to attract more traffic.