Make sure your audience can hear you loud and clear, whether you’re creating new content or trying to make new business connections through LinkedIn. Check out this week’s digest to amp up your efforts. You’ll pick up tips for increasing the reach of online content, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and improving your efficiency with free marketing tools. In addition, you’ll learn some hashtag etiquette and discover the risks of Apple’s “gotofail” security threat.

Top 7 Reasons Your Content Goes Viral
By Glenn Llopis at Forbes
How can you optimize the impact, value, and reach of your online marketing content? Forbes contributor Glenn Llopis offers seven key tips for producing content that stands out in a crowded online environment. According to Llopis, the right strategies can help you build content campaigns that go viral and exceed your initial goals.

17 must-have features on your LinkedIn profile
By Kristin Piombino at Ragan’s PR Daily
Are you making the most of LinkedIn? To connect with new partners, customers and employers, you need to go beyond providing your basic information. Check out this infographic for 17 essential profile page elements that can help you maximize the benefits of using LinkedIn.

29 free Internet tools to improve your marketing starting today
By Courtney Seiter at The Next Web
Marketers generally aren’t rewarded for taking the long way to achieve goals. This post from The Next Web shares 29 free shortcuts that can get you where you need to go—fast. Discover new tools for efficiently conducting research, improving content readability, strengthening relationships, and optimizing the use of social media.

#HashtagEtiquette: 8 People Who Are Doing It Wrong
By Yohana Desta at Mashable
As it turns out, adding every imaginable hashtag to your latest social media post might not be the best way to attract new followers—or even keep your existing ones. Scroll through this gallery of social media posts for a lesson in hashtag etiquette so you can avoid irritating others and triggering a backlash.

Apple’s ‘Gotofail’ Security Mess Extends To Mail, Twitter, iMessage, Facetime And More
By Andy Greenberg at Forbes
A newly discovered security flaw in Apple’s iOS and OS X operating systems could expose Mail, Calendar, Twitter, Safari, iMessage, and other apps to hacking. Read this Forbes article to learn more about the risks involved with the “gotofail” security flaw and discover what Apple and others are doing to help you avoid potentially serious problems.