Your programs and campaigns don’t take off by themselves. They need direction and soaring content, as you’ll see in this week’s content marketing news digest. Discover the traits of successful CMOs, learn why a venerable television broadcaster is ditching some advertising in favor of content marketing, and find a guide for using content for account-based marketing programs. Plus, see how a new LinkedIn tool may help your team reach more prospects, and take a look at ways to make your social media outreach more compelling.

After you’ve read these stories, raise a glass to the late, great Dr. Seuss this Friday. It was his 112th birthday this Wednesday, and we’ve been enjoying this bit of his wisdom: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

CMOs Feeling Better Equipped to Handle Key Marketing Challenges
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Use makes master, as the old saying goes, and it looks as if CMOs feel more comfortable tackling the increasing complexity of their roles. Read this summary of the recently released IBM Global C-Suite Study, and see why executive-level masters of social media and data-driven marketing programs are most likely to be working for financially sound organizations.

NBC Will Replace Ads With Content Paid for by American Express
Advertising Age Staff Report
We have less and less tolerance for 30-second ad spots that unglue us from the tube. So what’s a broadcaster to do? Well, NBC Universal seems to have stumbled onto content marketing. Discover how the media company plans to replace ads with branded content for sponsor American Express—and tie social media into video content marketing.

Content Marketing Tips for Major Social Networking Platforms
By Larry Alton at Business 2 Community
NBC Universal might want to glance at Alton’s primer on what attracts people on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s a good refresher for the rest of us, too. Take a look to find Facebook newsfeeds pointers, Twitter image selection advice, and more guidelines for attracting and retaining social audiences.

Account-based marketing: Is it all hype?
By Nicole Sommerfeld at TDA Group
Just what the heck is account-based marketing (ABM)? And can you use your existing content marketing assets if you adopt it? Our own Nicole Sommerfeld—Vice President of Strategy and Programs at TDA—explains how content marketing and ABM intersect. Her blog post offers suggestions on how to adopt an ABM approach powered with compelling content.

LinkedIn Debuts New Targeting Feature for Marketers
By George Slefo at Advertising Age
What’s the point of adopting account-based marketing if you can’t get to people in the accounts you need to reach? Well, you may now be able to do so with a new LinkedIn service designed to target up to 30,000 companies at once. Read Slefo’s article for details about the way LinkedIn Account Targeting services works—and find out how the company says it can refine profiles specific to your campaigns.