Content marketing can appear downright scary this time of year. Halloween signals a frantic race toward meeting end-of-year objectives, frenzied efforts to use or find budgets, and the chilling pressure to plan for next year. Besides, what the heck will you wear to the office costume lunch today? You may find answers to these haunting challenges in this week’s content marketing news digest—including ideas for assembling marketing-themed costumes—after reading this post.

20 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Tech Geeks & Digital Marketers
By Corey Eridon at HubSpot
There’s still time to dress up for your Halloween costume lunch, thanks to Eridon’s suggestions. Many of these ideas can be completed quickly, such as draping yourself in a sheet and carrying a pen. Voila! You’re a ghostwriter. Looking to shock with something gruesome? Eridon suggests dressing up as Bono, vainly trying to give away a free U2 album for all eternity. Get these and 18 other quick fixes here.

US Email Open and Click Rates, by Hour Scheduled, in 2013
MarketingCharts Staff Report
If your organization is graded on email campaigns, give this report a look. You’ll find out why high open and click rates don’t always coincide with a full moon, and discover data explaining the best times to make magic with email.

B2B End-User Buyers Are Human, Too
eMarketer Staff Report
Which tactics deserve budgets so you can make contact with those ethereal B2B buyers? A recent Forrester study suggests these phantoms are looking for good customer experiences, just like the rest of us mortals. This summary of the research offers a view of the kinds of content you might want to produce to attract more B2B buyers.

It’s Official: 50% of YouTube Traffic Now Comes from Mobile
By Carla Marshall at ReelSEO
We’re all familiar with the B-grade horror flick scenario in which protagonists scream—but no one can hear them. After reading Marshall’s story, you may get the sense that some marketers will be in a similar situation if they don’t pay attention to the devices prospects use to access the world’s biggest video platform.

How to Turn Research Into Content Marketing Strategy AND Tactics
By Andrea Serrette at Content Marketing Institute
Presumably you’re putting more thought into strategy than your Halloween outfit. To help you hone that strategy for the months and quarters ahead, this article illustrates best practices for incorporating compelling industry research data into your content marketing material—and cost-effectively repurposing these items for a broad range of deliverables.