Great presentation leads to interest, investigation, and consumption. Just ask any reputable restaurateur or designer of haute couture. Or you can skip the bother and read this week’s news roundup for content packaging best practices that can help build and retain audiences.

You’ll find social media engagement tips from the one of the world’s most influential news organizations, along with primers about mobile-optimized smart papers and using the winning formula of children’s picture books for digital interactivity. Plus, see bold suggestions for spicing up infographics, discover how to use quizzes to reach B2B audiences, and more.

Interview: How BBC News Reach New Audiences On Social Media
By Liam Corcoran at NewsWhip
The venerable British Broadcasting Corporation knows a thing or two about producing and distributing content that attracts audiences all over the globe. Read Corcoran’s interview with BBC social media editor Mark Frankel for a glimpse into how the Beeb relays the world’s news through Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, apps, live streaming, and other new media formats.

Make Your Content Marketing More Newsworthy!
By Gerry Moran at Business 2 Community
News captivates, so why not make your content newsworthy? As Moran writes, “your customers will increase their likelihood to read it, count on it, and act on it—especially those who do not have a long relationship with you.” Moran’s five recommendations for making Twitter posts more interesting may help boost your audience appeal.

5 reasons to choose smart papers over PDF documents
By Paul Gustafson at TDA Group
Much of your B2B audience is glued to mobile devices and social media—and one of the formats you’ve probably been using to publish content may not be ideal for these digital environments. TDA President Paul Gustafson explains why you—and your audiences—may be better served with mobile-optimized and SEO-friendly HTML5 smart papers rather than staid PDF documents.

T-Mobile uses infographics to mock the competition
By Kevin Allen at Ragan’s PR Daily
If you really want to say what you mean, you might want to consider what happens when an organization goes for the competition’s jugular. Allen offers an example of skipping the niceties of content marketing and going for broke using infographics. After reading the story, let us know if you have the steely nerves to do something similar.

IBM Mobile Development Quiz
TDA Group Portfolio Sample
Why is this entry in this week’s digest?

  1. It’s an underused format B2B enterprises should consider
  2. It’s an illustration of how interactivity sells key messages
  3. Hey, it’s another example of nice work we recently did
  4. It’s all of the above, of course!

That’s right. The answer is d. Try this short quiz and consider how you might promote your offerings this way.

Developing Interactive Content with the Help of Picture Books
By Meg Cannistra at Ceros Blog
As attention spans get shorter and approach gnat-like dimensions, creating immersive content becomes harder to do. But what about the picture books that enchant children? Cannistra tells why this format provides many of the components that can also delight grown-up audiences.