More coffee? Or more time-saving tips? Skip the jitters. Scan this week’s content marketing digest for recent news marketers can use to boost productivity and career movement. You’ll find articles covering the best times of day to get things done, upcoming Twitter changes that will likely affect your workload, and ways to predict campaign performance. You’ll also see how Instagram has finally changed posting options that may make use of the platform more effective.

What Time of Day Do Marketers Feel Most Productive?
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
Want to rise through the ranks? Then consider rising from bed earlier and looking at Nanji’s summary of recent creative staffing research. You’ll see why the majority of marketing and advertising executives report being most productive—and creative—in the morning. This dedication to the a.m. presumably lets these bigwigs get a head start on Friday happy hours as well.

Here are all the ways Twitter as you know it is about to change
By Seth Fiegerman at Mashable
Effective social media outreach is time-consuming. But playing catch-up on prominent social channels can burn even more of your time. Fiegerman lists recently announced changes to Twitter that may affect how you create and distribute short-form social content.

Social Psychology for Marketers: 8 Lessons in Buyer Behavior
By Lanya Olmsted at HubSpot
Understanding usually beats guessing when you’re trying to be productive. And if you’re looking for ways to understand what target audiences want, you might give Olmsted’s article a look. You’ll find explanations of how human behavioral patterns can be used to attract prospects—and quite possibly reduce the amount of time spent speculating on the mindset of potential customers.

How to Read (and Decide) Your Marketing’s Fate [Infographic]
By Verónica Maria Jarski at MarketingProfs
Looks like we have free will after all—and can change our futures for the better, writes Jarski. Her story (and the accompanying Marketo infographic) offers a description of the marketing activities with the biggest potential upside for your organization.

Instagram finally lets you edit photo captions
By Karissa Bell at Mashable
Speaking of mindsets, someone at Instagram appears to have done a little user research. You see, users have long been frustrated by the inability to edit captions once a photo is posted on the platform. Now, reports Bell, Instagram allows captions to be amended at any time. Hopefully, this will let Instagram users spend more time finding the right images and honing text based on feedback—rather than sweating over the one-shot chance to get a caption right.