It’s been a good week for news items that emphasize how powerful tried-and-true marketing fundamentals can be – regardless of how you reach out to target audiences. Know your audience. Make them feel special. Tell them stories they’ll find interesting. And as TDA agency head Paul Gustafson noted earlier this week, make sure your communication tactics support goals and strategies.

In this edition of our weekly content marketing news digest, you’ll see how marketing fundamentals can optimize mobile outreach, capitalize on the way the human brain processes storytelling, and more.

Infographic: The Growing Mobile Publishing Landscape
Readz Staff Report
Knowing your audience remains the cornerstone of effective marketing. This clever infographic shows the mobile direction your audience is going – and how fast. The piece explains why mobile devices are quickly becoming the preferred medium to access information, and illustrates the amount of time users spend reading articles, watching videos, and engaging in social sharing. Hint: it’s a lot.

Infographic: How to Make Mobile Marketing More Personal
By Michael Essany at Mobile Marketing Watch
Tailoring messages and experiences is, of course, another marketing essential. Once you’ve digested the preceding item about the growing mobile publishing landscape, take a look at this infographic about ways to personalize mobile marketing. Based on a recent Econsultancy report, the article claims that businesses that personalize Web experiences see a 19 percent increase in sales.

Yahoo’s $1.1bn Tumblr gamble is a power bet on native advertising
By Robert Andrews at The Guardian
What’s in a name? Andrews calls content marketing “native advertising,” but whatever you call it, it works. Content marketing also appears to have been one of the reasons why Yahoo purchased the Tumblr content creation platform for over a billion smackers this week. Andrews speculates that Yahoo may be reacting to users fed up with traditional and pervasive digital advertising – and investigating the potential of more compelling and original content.

The Nitty-Gritty of Brand Story Power
By Catherine Sherlock at MarketingProfs
More good news from the world of neural research: according to Sherlock, our brains are wired to find case studies convincing. Her article lists best practices that help fire the brain’s story receptors – and offers reasons why marketers might want to thank eons of human evolution for the enduring power of the customer testimonial.

8 New Punctuation Marks We Desperately Need
By Mike Trapp at College Humor
Speaking of evolution, why can’t punctuation keep up with changes in language and the ways people communicate? Trapp’s droll suggestions include new punctuation marks such as mockwotation marks – useful for implying what someone might say – sarcastices, and sinceriods. Our favorite: Morgan Freemarks for situations when your copy would be best read aloud in that voice the actor uses to narrate the end of a film.