How about a Friday pick-me-up that confirms the power of your content marketing programs? This week’s brisk news digest explores the successful blend of tactics that are energizing a mattress brand’s marketing efforts and boosting LinkedIn’s fortunes. Learn four ways to invigorate those tired listicles and find out how to rise to the number-one position in Google search results. To top it all off, discover 15 topics to avoid at all costs with graphic design colleagues.

Don’t Sleep on Content Marketing
By Jack Marshall and Steven Perlberg at The Wall Street Journal
Why is startup mattress brand Casper hiring big-name journalists, including the former editor-in-chief of the New York Observer and founding editor of Marshall and Perlberg explain the company’s all-in content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Now Comprises 40% of LinkedIn’s Ad Revenue
By Michael Sebastian at Ad Age
Traditional advertising? Forget about it. LinkedIn has discovered why revenue from its Sponsored Updates blog posts placement has nearly doubled. Read Sebastian’s article to understand the demand for more content marketing on the social media site.

Does My Website Deserve a Top Position in Google?
By Tyler Collins at The Huffington Post
How can your content rise to the top of Google’s organic search results? Collins, the CEO of Orange County SEO, outlines his comprehensive strategy for evaluating your site and improving search engine rankings.

4 ways to write better listicles
By Leslie Nuccio at Ragan’s PR Daily
Are your listicles a little lackluster? Nuccio shares her essential tips for writing pieces that’ll stand out from the crowd and garner better engagement (all presented in listicle format, of course).

15 Things that Annoy Graphic Designers
By Amir Khan, Randy McKay, and Shea Strauss at College Humor
Want to really rile up a graphic designer? College Humor has compiled a list of the 15 biggest pet peeves that push beleaguered creatives to the breaking point. Try them at your own risk.