Career advancement can be like eating a chocolate bunny: a nibble here and there, and soon you see real progress. This week’s news digest covers five recent items that may help you get ahead. Read a primer on protecting work from the Heartbleed exploit and a list of what hiring managers look for in content marketing candidates. You’ll also see how social media can predict work performance, find ways to optimize social posts, and learn more about recent LinkedIn changes.

Heartbleed: Should You Change Your Social Media Passwords? [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Shea Bennett at Mediabistro
First things first—make sure you understand the Heartbleed security bug that may be wreaking havoc on sites where you store and distribute content. This article from Mediabistro acts as a primer on how the bug works, and offers a great visual guide to the affected sites and social networks.

What Managers Look for in Content Marketing Hires
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
Assembling a winning roster starts by drafting the best. And as you might expect, the best know their basics: 94.5 percent of managers say writing and editing skills are one of the main qualities they look for in content marketing hires. Read this summary of a recent report from Kapost to see how collaboration skills, previous experience, and SEO knowledge factor into content marketing hiring processes as well as where managers are scouting the latest talent.

Facebook Profiles Can Predict Work Performance
By Aaron Sankin at Mashable
This article explores a new study from Old Dominion University that shows—appropriately enough for content marketers—that an applicant’s social media profile is often a better indicator of future performance than self-assessments. Be careful, though: there are downsides to digging too deep into an applicant’s online presence.

The Social Media Frequency Guide: How Often to Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more
By Kevan Lee at Fast Company
Even the best players need a go-to playbook to lead them through the season, especially when it comes to social media. This comprehensive guide explores the ideal posting frequency for the major social networks as well as optimal timing for those posts throughout the day.

‘LinkedIn is transitioning from a display ad business to a content marketing platform’
By Sarah Vizard at Marketing Week
You can’t stay ahead of the pack if you don’t stay on your feet. In this Q&A with LinkedIn Global Vice President of Sales Penry Price, you’ll learn about the company’s shift from jobs to content strategy and content marketing distribution. Worth a read for deeper insight into how you might use this channel for marketing to business professionals.