Content marketing shouldn’t be an exercise in futility. This week’s news digest looks at four ways to ensure your work has meaning—and positively affects your organization. You’ll find an explanation of why B2B marketing and B2C marketing are different species, and a guide to creating metrics for social media campaigns. Get tips for communicating the importance of content marketing internally, and discover why it’s imperative to understand the stages of B2B thought leadership.

What B2B marketers should NOT learn from B2C
By Shari Johnston at Venture Beat
You might keep Johnston’s article on hand for the misguided souls who suggest there is little difference between B2B and B2C marketing. While Johnston allows that humanizing marketing is important, she also explains why enterprise and consumer marketing are entirely different animals.

A guide to measuring social media ROI
By Danny Brown at Ragan’s PR Daily
If you don’t know what you want to measure, you’ll find it difficult to get any metrics, right? Read Brown’s story for tips to determine performance on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and mobile outreach.

6 Steps to Managing Internal Change for Content Marketing
By Joe Pulizzi at the Content Marketing Institute
In some quarters, content marketing still isn’t seen as being entirely relevant to enterprise success, notes Pulizzi. “What these perceptions have made me realize is that content marketing success is entirely about change,” writes the Content Marketing Institute supremo. “Content marketing is something different and anything different in a mid-to-large enterprise is difficult to implement. So if what we’re doing isn’t getting the respect it deserves, we need to be the ones who make changes.” Pulizzi’s article offers suggestions for making the business case for content—and then creating ownership, communicating the message, and preparing for bumps in the road.

The Natural Cycle of B2B Thought Leadership [Infographic]
TDA Infographic
Cue the theme from Jaws. It’s hard to be relevant if you’re getting munched. If you missed our infographic depicting the natural cycle of B2B thought leadership, do take a look. See why you may be fending off the sharks of reality instead of basking in the sunshine of attention.