Having trouble getting prospects to focus on you? This edition of our content marketing news digest serves up recent items about getting audiences to pay attention to what you have to say. See lessons to be learned from the way mobile devices are driving new demand for digital newspaper content. Observe tips for clearing up visitor confusion to improve website conversions. Gaze at best practices for making your content the key driver for better search visibility.

Digital Newspaper Readers’ Eyes Shift to Mobile
eMarketer Staff Report
Delivering the right message is important, but your audience also needs to find that message. To understand some of the reasons why the mobile-only newspaper audience in the United States has grown by 102 percent over the last 12 months, take a look at this report.

Six Ways to Uncover What’s Confusing Your Website Visitors and Dragging Conversions Down
By Morgan Brown at MarketingProfs
Brown reveals six ways to uncover and eliminate customer confusion that can result in poor website conversions. His piece offers a primer on analytics and behavior, and suggests things you can do to make website content less blurry.

Why Content Marketing and Social Media Are Your Most Powerful SEO Weapons
By Kristina Cisnero at Hootsuite
Ever-changing Google algorithms can wreak havoc on the best SEO strategy. Cisnero tells how to create a plan that uses content marketing and social media to optimize SEO. Learn how social signals factor into search rankings and find out why Google gives preferential treatment to the best, most relevant content.

Want to lift your Google ranking? Hire writers
By Ari Levy at CNBC
Looking to improve your Google ranking? Focus on quality content, writes Levy, who explains how Google’s algorithm revisions no longer reward keyword-focused content.