You’re taking time off soon. The web won’t be. Not to worry: here are some gift-wrapped hints for last-minute campaigns in this week’s news digest—as well as tips and trends that will help you stay current with the latest digital marketing developments. This way you’ll have less catching up to do when you return from your break.

Read on for advice about making content more valuable, and get the latest on new apps to up your video editing game. You’ll also find best practices regarding the length of YouTube and Facebook videos, see more reasons to design email campaigns for mobile devices, and hear about an award-winning method of establishing a content stream to make audiences feel jolly throughout the year.

Agile Principles + Content Marketing = Long-Term Success
By Andrea Fryrear at Content Marketing Institute
Staying focused throughout the year separates the naughty from the nice. As Fryrear notes, marketers are notoriously susceptible to chasing opportunities like a dog chasing squirrels—and then wondering about the payoff. Take a look at her article about getting the most value out of content for the long haul. She offers guidance on helping management, executives, or whoever holds the purse strings understand the importance of committing to at least a year of consistent content marketing.

Adobe launches its first video-editing app for Android, here’s how it works
By Paul Sawers at VentureBeat
Need to edit that cheery holiday video on the go? You’ve got another option, writes Sawers, who says software powerhouse Adobe has just launched its first-ever video-editing app for Android. With the free Adobe Premiere Clip, users can edit on the fly with outcomes comparable to Adobe Premiere on the desktop.

What’s the Optimal Video Length for a YouTube vs. Facebook Video?
By Andy Smith at ReelSEO
It’s that time of year when businesses are developing videos for holiday marketing campaigns. Here, Smith analyzes optimal video lengths for YouTube and Facebook and explains the different engagement/duration ratios for each platform.

Email Click Share, by Device and Industry, in Q3
MarketingCharts Staff Report
If your email marketing campaigns are mobile-optimized, you can leave town for a few days without worrying about generating more opens and clicks. According to this report, open rates on tablets now average 12 percent, while mobile phones garner a whopping 42 percent. Er, you have optimized your email campaigns for mobile, right?

VMware CIO Vantage Web Site Wins 2015 Eddie Digital Award
TDA News Desk Report
Check out this news release and see what goes into an effective content stream. TDA Group recently won a 2015 Eddie Digital Award for CIO Vantage, earning top honors for editorial excellence in the Business-to-Business Standalone Digital Magazine category. You’ll understand why the judges agreed that pithy, thought-provoking content is the best way to engage hard-to-reach executives.