Want to be the life of the marketing party? Mix mobile with video. Discover how smartphones and tablets are transforming video viewing habits in this week’s edition of our content marketing news digest. You’ll also find stories about a new YouTube viewer analytics tool, measuring and achieving campaign greatness, wooing brand journalists, and understanding the connection between pancakes and content (yes, you read that last bit right).

Mobile Share of Online Video Views, Q1 2012-Q2 2014
MarketingCharts Staff Report
All hail mobile video! More than one-quarter of online video views now occur on smartphones and tablets, according to the latest report from video technology company Ooyala. Mobile viewing has more than doubled year-over-year—and the rapid rise is expected to continue. Read on to find out when mobile devices are projected to account for more than 50 percent of all views.

Real-time Stats Arrive on YouTube With Minute-by-Minute Data
By Carla Marshall at ReelSEO
Has your company has mastered the art of effective video creation? It’s time to find out. Marshall explains how YouTube’s new real-time analytics feature can help you understand how well your content is (or isn’t) resonating with viewers.

Seven Content Marketing Tips for Media Pickup and Massive Exposure
By Larry Kim at MarketingProfs
How do you get news outlets to care about what your brand is up to? Kim offers seven content marketing tips to help increase pickup and exposure, such as moving promotion beyond your social networks and begetting buzz with buzz.

Executive Perspective: When GOOD Marketing Is GREAT Marketing
By Sangram Vajre at the Salesforce Pardot Blog
Don’t let unrealistic perfectionism thwart marketing campaigns before they start, writes Vajre. Why? Because often, “good enough” is not that far from “great.” Vajre reminds us that it’s okay to be flawed, and he explores why approaching campaigns as building blocks toward greatness matters.

Content Marketing And Its Overlooked Ability To Influence Customer Experience
By Scott Aughtmon at Business 2 Community
One minute you’re eating a flapjack—not a pancake, mind you—and the next you’re having a content marketing revelation. Hey, it can happen, claims Aughtmon, whose Sunday breakfast led to three surprising insights.

Six steps to perfect mobile phone etiquette
By Hannah Jane Parkinson at The Guardian
Anyone who has ever used a smartphone (yes, that’s you) should take note of Parkinson’s six commandments of mobile etiquette. Remember: thou shalt not pocket dial, choose annoying ringtones, or ever look through someone else’s phone. Get three more directives in her article.