Your list of things to achieve this year is only as good as your ability to execute. With that in mind, this early January edition of the TDA Content Happy Hour covers items we think may help you accomplish your content marketing resolutions for the new year. So before you renew that delinquent gym membership or sign up to learn Esperanto at the local community college, take a look at our digest of news items. These stories may provide you with information you need to make your 2013 a spectacular professional success.

Infographic: Marketers’ 2013 Wish List
Staff Report at Direct Marketing News
You’re not the only marketer trying to put a content/mobile/social fitness plan in place. This short piece – and accompanying infographic – explains what B2B marketers across industries think it will take to get into competitive shape in 2013.

YouTube Video Optimization for Dummies [Guide] 
By Beth Corneglio at Business 2 Community
Adding video should have a place on your New Year’s to-do list. According to Corneglio, 58 percent of B2B marketers list video as the most effective tactic for content marketing. This primer on the basics of YouTube may help you achieve video success in 2013.

3 Things Marketers Can Learn From the Media
By Stacy Martinet at Mashable
Observing role models can help when trying to achieve goals. Martinet writes that marketers should take a look at how successful media companies are tearing down organizational silos, emphasizing speed, and rethinking design.

Six Things Every CMO Needs To Know In 2013
By Ben Straley at Forbes
Straley’s observations about leveraging trends in consumer media interaction can be applied by B2B marketers. Successful marketing organizations in 2013, he writes, will be characterized by their ability to execute on six items. This posting is worth a read as you prepare for the quarters ahead in 2013.