Strenuous week? Before you run off for the weekend, let this week’s content marketing news digest suggest ways to twist increased expectations to your advantage. You’ll get insight into hurdling the digital skills gap, see why the C-suite views social media fitness as essential for customer nurturing, and find tips for shaving some time off everyday tasks. Plus, discover the latest mobile stats you may need for placing well in the digital weeks and quarters ahead.

Digital Marketing Talent Lacking in Key Areas, Large Enterprises Say
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Examine the digital talent gap in eight categories large enterprises and brands believe to be essential. As you’ll immediately see in the handy chart that accompanies the article, many organizations are gasping for air as they struggle to keep up with the latest marketing essentials.

Social Touches Prospects, Customers Throughout the Journey
eMarketer Staff Report
According to this story based on Oracle research, the C-suite is now convinced that social media is an essential component of prospecting and customer satisfaction. This article tells why 80 percent of execs believe social outreach is a competitive advantage at the top of the funnel, the bottom of the funnel, and all points between.

Gmail Now Lets You Save Attachments Directly to Google Drive 
By Christina Warren at Mashable
Ask any athlete: a second or two can make all the difference in getting ahead. Warren explains how to save valuable time by jumping on the newly released attachment feature in Google Drive.

Smartphone subscriptions will triple between now and 2019 
By Mikael Ricknäs at Techworld
We run across stories detailing the continuous rise of mobile every day, and this article about smartphone growth is worth a look. Read Ricknäs’s piece to understand how this arena is shaping up so you can prepare your marketing efforts accordingly.