Today is the day after Valentine’s Day, and many of us are reflecting on those we love, those who broke our hearts, or both. A quick poll taken this morning shows that TDA staffers overwhelmingly did their best to make Valentine’s Day thoughtful and romantic.

For these folks’ significant others, meeting and exceeding content expectations — what the card said, or what was in the box — reinforced the impact of the intended message. Prospects and customers are the same. They have content expectations that either you’re meeting or you’re not. And that can mean the difference between a long-term business relationship and immediate career heartbreak.

So before you walk out the door for the long weekend, take a look at our content marketing news digest of resources that may help you meet and exceed those expectations.

B2B’s Digital Evolution
By Corey Mull at Think with Google
Content quality matters now more than ever. New research shows that potential B2B customers are increasingly using digital channels to form opinions about major purchases before they reach out to salespeople.

A Guide to Getting Started With Analytics
By Dave Davies at Search Engine Watch
Give yourself a valentine and learn some of the basics of using the Google Analytics tool, which helps users understand who’s visiting your Web site and what they find most interesting. This piece includes videos that show how to compare time spans, identify traffic changes, and analyze traffic patterns — and tells what causes visitors to leave sites.

Social CEOs Drive Company Visibility
Staff Report at eMarketer
Wondering why C-level people are showing up at your social strategy meetings? A recent study by PR firm Weber Shandwick reveals that CEOs are getting more social. This piece explains the likelihood of your company head being very interested in video, social, and Web outreach, and may help you anticipate management expectations.