Face it: Most content marketers are expected to perform a growing number of tasks simultaneously—and look good at it. This week’s news digest examines stories about appearing polished and assured while juggling critical tactical and strategic tasks. Read on for video marketing strategy tips, ideas for optimizing web content with social intelligence, and a primer on the future of SEO. Plus, see the ways you can boost content effectiveness by learning a few basic coding skills.

Five Steps to Creating a Video Marketing Strategy
By Michael Litt at MarketingProfs
How do you give video a starring role while also supporting company goals? Litt’s article provides a checklist of items designed to help marketers measure success and adjust tactics. He also offers suggestions for justifying the use of resources to higher-ups who need to understand that video is more than a one-person act.

3 Tactics to Optimize Your Website Content With Social Intelligence
By Rebecca Watson at Content Marketing Institute
All that juggling of yours should be done for the benefit of an audience, of course. But is your website content optimized so intended audiences know you’re performing? Watson covers the essentials of using social sharing data to create powerful content that can boost user acquisition and retention.

Where Keywords Fit Into the Future of SEO
By Erik Devaney at HubSpot
Speaking of audiences, you can’t forget the importance of understanding what these folks want to see, writes Devaney. Read his article to learn why the SEO focus of the future will be less on keywords and more on the intent of search terms.

9 Reasons You Should Know a Little HTML and CSS
By Adda Birnir at The Muse
Some content marketers shrink from suggestions about learning tech skills in the same way they’d react to a request to juggle sharp objects blindfolded while balanced precariously over a vat of boiling oil. Banish those irrational fears, writes Birnir, who explains why learning a bit of code isn’t such a hard thing to do—and can go a long way in furthering your marketing career.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing
By Cindy King at Social Media Examiner
Successful tactical execution of social media programs is truly akin to keeping multiple balls in the air. King lists 10 ways to keep things moving and aloft. Her article includes ideas on how to best promote posts, track Twitter card analysis, customize Google Analytics, and optimize photos.