Get ready to gussy up what you do and make the right impression, thanks to tips in this week’s content marketing digest. You’ll read why dressing up for that big presentation helps audiences appreciate your content more, and why professionalism is critical for mastering the customer interview. Plus, discover how to invigorate case studies, ways to benefit from Bitly analytics, which social networks are most popular with marketers, and more.

What to wear for your next presentation
By Nick Morgan at Ragan’s PR Daily
You’ve polished your presentation to a fine gloss—but as the presenter, have you considered how you will look to your audience? According to speaking expert Morgan, dressing up a bit can help you convey authority, bolster your confidence, and project the right image for your unique brand. Check out four quick tips for planning what to wear.

7 tips for mastering the art of the customer SME interview
By Paul Gustafson at TDA Group
Put your best foot forward as you launch a new success story project. Pick up seven tips for mastering the art of the customer interview. The right approach can help you not only gather information but also capture the customer’s voice, gain momentum for your project, and enhance the client relationship.

The Most Effective Social Networks for Marketing a Business in 2015
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
Which social networks are you using to promote your company’s brand and products, while engaging your customers in the process? According to a recent survey of 3,720 marketers, Facebook tops the list as the most important network overall. But sites such as LinkedIn lead for B2B efforts. See how the other networks rank and find out which benefits marketers are achieving through social media.

Instaspam? Introducing Instagram’s new email digest
By Alex Hern at The Guardian
Afraid you’re missing too many of your friend’s selfies? Concerned that your acquaintances won’t see the new suit you picked for your important presentation? Good news. Hern reports that Instagram will now send regular email digests to users, highlighting the best posts from people those users follow.

Case-Study Writing Made Faster, Better, and Less Painful
By Gretchen Dukowitz at Content Marketing Institute
It may be time to spruce up a timeless classic. While case studies remain a key ingredient in the content marketing mix, Dukowitz suggests that the traditional case study writing process can be uninspiring and inefficient. In this blog post, she presents three tips for streamlining case study development and ultimately delivering better, more compelling collateral.

Bitly offers marketers more analytics
By Kevin Allen at Ragan’s PR Daily
There’s more to a shortened URL than looks alone. Soon, you’ll be able to use Bitly’s “Audience Intel” capability to access new insights about the people who are clicking on those tiny links. Learn more in Allen’s post.