Ah, dreams. Wouldn’t it be nice to dine on a bigger slice of the funding pie? This week we’ve compiled current news articles about how to make larger budget portions more than a dream. And that’s important for many marketers who are fast approaching the use-it-or-lose-it time of year when upcoming budgets are determined by past spend. Find stories about digital marketing budget trends, why execs love video, social channel effectiveness, content requirements, and more.

Digital marketing budgets to increase by 17 per cent in 2015 says Gartner
By Gillian West at The Drum
It will be a new world for marketers when they wake up in 2015, reports West, in this overview of the recent Gartner Digital Marketing Spending report. Her story may help you bolster your arguments for more aggressive tactics such as mobile marketing, which Gartner predicts will be a key market differentiator next year.

Reach B2B Execs with Snappy Video
eMarketer Staff Report
Here are some guidelines to help make the case for getting noticed by those elusive yet prized executive prospects. You’ll learn why decision makers prefer information packaged in short videos, and get observations about the effectiveness of the medium from Cisco’s vice president of digital, Mark Yolton, and TDA’s own Paul Gustafson.

Top 10 Multi-Platform Social Networking Websites & Forums – October 2014
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Which channels make the most sense for your social media outreach? You’ll appear wide awake when you answer this question (believe us, someone’s going to ask) because you’ll have read this article. Find out about the top 10 social networking sites and platforms, and maybe even get the green light to expand your dedicated social desk.

24 Typography Terms Every Marketer Should Know [Infographic]
By Lindsay Kolowich at HubSpot
Arial, Times New Roman—sound familiar? Of course. But what about other terms you need to know so your creative team maintains brand consistency? Read Kolowich’s article for a refresher on the little details that can add up.

Content Marketing Is The Only Marketing Left
By Michael Brenner at Business 2 Community
You’re dreaming if you think you can be effective without creating content people actually want to consume, writes Brenner. His piece states the importance of acting like a publisher—and can help your less-savvy colleagues understand the rigor required for content marketing that effectively fuels prospect engagement.