Is your content living up to its potential and taking flight? This week’s news digest looks at a few ways to make it more compelling and accessible. You’ll learn how the new Facebook article delivery app is helping marketers speed mobile content delivery, and then get ideas for cost-effective content curation. Read a primer on how to enlist salespeople to expand your case study pipeline, and take a peek from a safe distance at an ongoing pronoun battle.

Facebook’s Instant Articles Do Speed Up Mobile Content
By Jack Marshall at The Wall Street Journal
Many marketers struggle to deliver their content on mobile devices. Find out how Facebook is addressing this problem. Marshall explains how the social media giant’s new Instant Article app is helping accelerate mobile content delivery—while providing publishers a single platform with massive readership potential.

Four Things You Need to Know About Content Curation
By Christian Jorg at MarketingProfs
To rise above the noise and be heard, your content needs to be timely and relevant. But creating original content on a consistent basis can be costly and time-consuming. Jorg reveals how savvy marketers are using content curation to cost-effectively engage target audiences.

6 ways to get salespeople to expand the case study pipeline
By Paul Gustafson at TDA Group
Customer testimonials typically shorten sales cycles. Then why can it be so difficult to get salespeople to help generate case study leads? Just like the sales process, customer reference programs need a pipeline. Gustafson offers six tips for getting salespeople to help expand your prospective case study pipeline.

Is the singular ‘they’ OK?
By Laura Hale Brockway at Ragan’s PR Daily
Everyone has made this writing mistake at some point in their lives. I’m talking, of course, about the incorrect use of the singular “they” in the previous sentence. Could there be a change on the horizon? Brockway discusses that possibility and presents arguments for each side of the issue. Read on to join the debate.